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Cyber Punk Mega Pack

Cyber Punk Mega Pack

Welcome to Cyber Punk Globe!
Mega collection of Cyber Punk looks for Grapheme Creator.

Pack includes:

six Projects, 65 Cloths, 38 Hairs, 2 Optics, viii Shoes, three Skins

La Familia

La Familia

v adorable family members are hither! They have been carefully crafted and well proportioned for the best cartoon graphic symbol pattern. You can also redesign your own with face and body morph sliders inside Graphic symbol Creator 3.
This pack includes v avatars, v avatar presets, 10 morph sliders, 5 hairs, 5 eyebrows, i bristles, 23 outfits and accessories. All characters tin can be freely mixed and matched with other drawing themed packs.

Pack includes:

5 x Avatars, 5 10 Full Body Morph & Skins, x x Morph Datas, five x Accessories, 4 10 CC Shoes, xiii x CC Clothes, x 10 Pilus Elements, 1 x rlHair.

Man and Girl Jeans Parcel

Man and Girl Jeans Bundle

Your characters clothes must be similar yours, they must live!
Gyre upward your sleeves, put your hands in your pockets, pull upwardly your collar, etc…

All these actions are possible with 43 morphs available on article of clothing and a physical dynamic on the jacket!

Pack includes:

5 ten CC Characters, 21 ten CC Wearing apparel, ii 10 CC Pilus, one x Gesture, one x Accompaniment

360 Head Tools Bundle

360 Head Tools Bundle

360 Face up TOOL

This pack is a brand new G3 360 head creation tool that includes 12 confront templates, allowing you lot to create and breathing a graphic symbol’south confront freely in different angles. Employ the template every bit references to import/depict or replace with your own character’south confront components and quickly adjust for perfect G3 360 face rotation. Also, the Face Tool contains 84 gear up-to-use facial components include eyebrows, optics, nose, mouth, ears, and hair in various styles, which yous can mix and match to create different looks.

All templates designed in this pack are fully compatible with whatever drawing styles. If you lot want to create your own G3 360 heads, and so this is a must-take tool for your content collection. Utilize with the G3 360 Hair Tool to create a complete G3 360 head for your graphic symbol.

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Pack includes:

12 Samples, 12 Templates (Eye x 4, Oval x 4, Foursquare 10 four), 84 Facial Components (Face 10 12, Brow x 12, Ears x 12, Eyes x 12, Nose x 12, Rima oris x 12, Hair 10 12)

360 Pilus TOOL

This pack is a brand new G3 360 hair creation tool that includes 31 hairstyle templates, allowing you to create and animate a character’south hair freely at different angles. Utilise the template as references to import/describe or replace with your ain character’s pilus components and quickly adjust to perfect G3 360 hair rotation.

All templates designed in this pack are fully uniform with any drawing styles. If yous want to create your own G3 360 hair, this is a must-have tool for your content collection. Utilise with the G3 360 Face Tool to create a consummate G3 360 caput for your character.

Pack includes:

15 Samples, 31 Templates (Long x 6, Short x 9, Tied 10 16)


12 classical toon figures.

Kids and Teens on Campus


5 charismatic toon kids and teens are coming! Benchmarked from mainstream cartoon character styles such as Disney and Pixar. They are advisedly crafted and well proportioned for the best cartoon graphic symbol design. You lot tin also redesign your ain with face and body morph sliders inside Character Creator 3.
This pack includes five hairs, 10 morph sliders, 21 outfits, 8 accessories, and 5 avatars each with distinctive personalities similar; Friendly Sweet Girl, Mischievous Adventurous Boy, Cheerful Immature Human being, Capricious Little Girl, and Active Petite Girl. All characters can be freely mixed and matched with other Drawing Character Designer packs to create dissimilar toon characters for maximum blueprint value.
Two sets of facial expression profiles are too included, which are especially customized for drawing grapheme facial animations for apply with 6 modes: General / Smiley / Angry / Pitiful / Happy / Scared. Add them to your facial puppet profile library to get-go animating like a pro studio!

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Pack includes:

5 CC Shoes, sixteen CC Clothes, 5 CC Hairs, 8 CC Accessories, 5 Presets, v Avatars, 5 CC Teeths, five CC Eyes

Post-Apocalyptic Mega Pack


Post-Apocalyptic Mega Pack! Survive in this cruel earth!

Pack includes:

51 CC Cloths, xv CC Hairs, 25 CC Projects, 12 CC Skins

ZeuS, three-04-2020, 10:39

Cartoon Character Designer


Drawing Grapheme Designer: Toon Figures
are the new cartoon character bases for Character Creator 3. Benchmarked from mainstream cartoon graphic symbol designs such every bit Disney and Pixar, all Toon Figures are well proportioned and crafted for the best cartoon style. This pack includes 1 x Drawing Neutral base and 4 x Toon Figure bases: Ivonne, Robert, Steve and Tammy. Each one represents a unique trunk shape with assorted personalities similar sexy-curvy female, friendly-athletic male, charming-lanky male, and innocent-petite girl. All these characters can be cleverly mixed and matched, with their head and body morphs to create different drawing characters for maximum blueprint value.
You can further adjust the toon facial features with details such as; head shape, nose shape, eyes and eyelash shapes, along with mouth and lip shapes for uniquely different grapheme looks. Two types of PBR peel texture maps are provided in this pack; one in plain style, and one with partial details and makeups.
2 sets of facial expression profiles are as well included in this Toon Figures pack. They are specially tuned for drawing character facial animations including 6 modes: Full general / Smiley / Angry / Sad / Happy / Scared. Add them to your facial puppet profile library to start animating like a pro!
Drawing Character Designer: Toon Hair
are the most important supplementary nugget for any character creator. Benchmarked from mainstream cartoon pilus designs such as Disney and Pixar, all Toon Hair are well proportioned and crafted for the all-time cartoon style.
This pack includes ten ten Hair base and 12 x Hair accessories. Each i can exist freely mixed and matched between characters of diverse personalities which include; stylish men and women, rebellious teenagers or cute girls. You can even change colors, directions, and elements to apace create unique hairstyles.
These hair accessories provide Spring-Dynamics, to simulate natural physical behaviors that automatically answer to your graphic symbol’due south movements. Providing y’all with a valuable mode to generate beautiful toon animations like a studio.

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Pack includes:

5 Avatars, 23 Morphs, 24 Hairs

ZeuS, 6-01-2020, 10:54

Rock Band Total Concert Drove

Stone Band – The Band Set:
4 Characters, iii Hair Styles, 11 Accessories, 21 iAnimations, 27 Props, 33 Motions, nine Paw Gestures
Rock Ring – Additional Style:
five Pilus Styles, 12 Texture Materials
Rock Ring – Rock Performances:
60 Motions, 1 Prop

ZeuS, 25-11-2019, 11:16
OLD PACK (posted by request)

Hottest Hairstyles


This is no ordinary hairstyle collection! This fabled pack includes seven gorgeous hairstyles and 10 elegant physics-ready accessories that actually demonstrate the fantastic level of flowing pilus available in iClone half-dozen.
The hair sets and accessories are all in iAccessory format, then you can apply them to both iClone and Daz characters. If yous call up those hairstyles are too bourgeois, feel free to change the hair colour and accessories to create more styles for your characters.
Try using these physics-set hairstyles and accessories together with our new motions such every bit “Suave & Charming” or whatsoever other motion pack on your characters to see the revolutionary improvement of 3D animation.

Pack includes:

17 Accessories (ten x Accessories + 7 x Physics Hairs)


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