How to Do a Sock Bun Step-by-step Tutorial in Photos and Video

When looking for a uncomplicated way to make a overnice, elegant hairstyle, you should consider a sock bun tutorial. Information technology is probably not something that y’all tin exercise when not at home unless you carry some actress socks with you or ready-made donuts from them. All in all, you will spend less than a couple of minutes to easily change your appearance once you lot acquire how to make a sock bun.

All you demand to make this pretty hairstyle is a sock, rubberband, a hairbrush and hairspray for securing the issue. Information technology is most suitable for long pilus of different thicknesses. However, you tin can besides try to make it on medium hair if it is thick enough because this will allow y’all to accomplish the right volume. You can actually stone this hairstyle in absolutely different situations, such equally piece of work, engagement, political party, etc. Since you will get a high bun, it will proceed your hair off your face up, which is very user-friendly, especially during the hot months.

How to Choose a Perfect Sock

You do not accept to buy a new pair of socks only to cut one of them. Option an one-time pair that you do non need anymore. It is likewise important to choose a sock of the right length, every bit it should not be too long or as well short. If you have medium-length hair, and then you tin can choose an talocrural joint-length sock. Those who have long hair should option a sock of mid-shin length. Information technology may take you some time to discover a perfect sock, but once you lot do, you will be able to use it for a long fourth dimension.

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Another important thing to pay attending to is that the sock should non have too many loose threads. Think that you will need to cut it, so y’all should do your all-time to avoid extra threads sticking out of information technology.

Also, information technology is recommended to pick a sock similar to your pilus color. While you will try to brand all the hair cover it completely, y’all do not want it to peek through your hair, if the bun comes apart.

Pace-By-Stride Instructions

Below, you volition observe 12 easy steps on how to make a sock bun. All of them come with pictures, and you tin also watch a video at the terminate of this tutorial.

Step 1.
Wash your pilus if needed, equally information technology should be clean. Carefully brush your hair before making a sock bun.

Pace 2.
Take a make clean sock and cut off the toe expanse. Y’all can throw the cut function abroad, since you lot don’t need it for the hairstyle.

Sock Bun: Step 2

Step 3.
Now, yous accept a sort of a tube with an opening at each finish. Grab the end that you just cutting with your hand and turn the edge inside out. It should exist a small fold. Keep rolling the sock all the manner down.

Sock Bun: Step 3

Step 4.
When you achieve the end, y’all will take a lovely firm donut. Brand the necessary adjustments to make sure that information technology is rolled evenly. If something is wrong, such equally lots of threads, and you cannot get in work, y’all should pick another sock and repeat the previous 2 steps.

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Sock Bun: Step 4

Step v.
Put your hair into a high ponytail. You tin do this by lifting your hair and fixing information technology with an elastic. Think to castor your hair, starting from the roots all the way to the elastic, fixing it to brand sure that everything is nifty and null sticks out.

Sock Bun: Step 5

Step 6.
Take the sock-donut and put your ponytail through it.

Sock Bun: Step 6

Step seven.
The donut should not be necessarily placed over the elastic securing your pilus, but make sure that the entire ponytail is in it.

Sock Bun: Step 7

Step 8.
Now, you need to slide the donut upwards toward the ends. Remember that y’all practice not really need to reach the ends, plus there should exist some distance between the ends of your hair and the donut.

Sock Bun: Step 8

Step 9.
Hide the ends under the donut, making them cover it. While carefully holding the donut with your hands, begin tucking and rolling information technology downward until yous reach the base. Attempt to brand sure that the hair evenly covers the donut. The more than layers of pilus on the donut, the thicker it will be.

Sock Bun: Step 9

Step ten.
Once y’all reach the base, place the bun over the elastic and make sure that information technology fits well. Most probably, you will non need to use additional tools to secure it. Spread the hair out and tuck in loose strands underneath the donut.

Sock Bun: Step 10

Step 11.
In club to make certain that everything is perfect, you will need to use a mirror so you can see the back of your head. Carefully expect at your hairstyle, making sure that it looks actually skilful. Make any necessary adjustments.

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Sock Bun: Step 11

Footstep 12.
If you lot are happy with the event, shine downwardly the hair using hairspray. Think to spray not only the bun, but all your hair to make sure nothing volition stick out during the day. Now, you are gear up to get!

Sock Bun: Step 12

Sentry the video with step-by-stride instructions on how to do a sock bun.

We hope that you similar this footstep-past-step instruction and you will try to make this hairstyle yourself. It does not really require whatever special skills or do, and you tin use the aforementioned donut as many times as y’all wish! Afterwards making it just a few times, you will be able to make a perfect bun much quicker!