Cute Girl Hairstyles Quick and Easy

Pattern by Yoora Kim
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Spiky Depression Bun

Serve major pop-punk princess vibes with this three-step ‘practice.

one. Function hair on an bending

two. Brush into a low bun and twist the hair around and then that the ends are facing upwards

3. Secure with a claw prune

What you need:
Heatless Hair Cafe au Lait Cling Clip, $28, Heatless Hair

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Textured Half-Up Half-Down

This ‘exercise is perfect if you’d like to switch things up with new pilus textures and lengths.

ane. Office the hair from ear to ear and employ gel or border control to smooth the front one-half of the hair into a sleek high bun.

two. Take the ponytail section of the One-half Wig North Pony Wrap Instant Upwards N Downwards (the extension comes in two pieces) and wrap it around the bun to achieve your desired height.

What yous need:
Sensationnel One-half Wig N Pony Wrap Instant Up N Downward, $26.88, Amazon

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3. Secure the bun in place with hairpins.

4. Separate another thin department of hair from the back half and leave information technology loose.

iv. Brush the remaining hair into a depression bun and secure with a hairpin or pilus tie.

5. Grab the second role of the hairpiece, the half wig. Slide the attached combs into the hair right where you lot created the part in step 4. Use the thin layer of hair from stride iii to cover the half wig’south track.

Birkin Bangs With a Headband

This super cute mode for banged or bobbed hair is fun and can transition from day to night in no time.

1. Section bangs and lightly curl the ends with a apartment atomic number 26.

two. Coil the remaining hair.

3. Utilize headband.

What you need:
Denim Pearl Jeweled Knotted Headband, $22, Etsy

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Bubble Bangs

If you lot’re dying to effort out a Y2K-inspired expect, this one’s for you.

1.Part a thin section of hair right at the hairline downwards the heart.

2. Grab each side to create a center-parted bang.

three. Secure elastic bands from the roots to the end with space in between each.

4. Where the gaps are, gently tug on the hair to achieve the bubbles.

    What you need:
    Goody Ouchless Mini Elastics, $ii.48, Walmart

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    Bun With Zig-Zag Role and Two Strand Bangs

    If in that location is whatever uncertainty, yous can nearly certainly serve glam and Y2K vibes at the same time.

    1. Use a departing comb to create a zigzag line

    2. Separate hair for bangs

      three. Put the parted pilus into a bun and secure it with a claw prune.

      four. Utilize a estrus tool to roll the loose ends of the pilus

      What you need:
      Most ane” Titanium Curling Iron, $139, EAP Heat

      Buy now

      Slicked Back Bun

      Let your face up and ‘fit practise all the talking with this quick nevertheless effortless style.

      ane. Role hair downwards the center

      ii. Brush hair back into a low bun, but leave out some pilus effectually the perimeter of your hairline for a messy coil near your ears.

      What yous need:

      Garnier Fructis Curl Scrunch Controlling Hair Gel- Whorl Definition, $4.29, Garnier Us

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      3. Apply a dime-sized amount of product to the hair you left out. Wrap it around your index finger to make a loose coil in front of your ears.

        High Ponytail

        Serve vintage mod vibes with this high ponytail.

        1. Employ an edge brush to way your baby hairs.

        two. Slick remaining hair into a high ponytail and secure with a ponytail holder.

        3. Apply clip-in ponytail.

          What you lot demand:
          Irresistible Me Prune-In Ponytail Extension, $49-$300, Irresistible Me

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          four. Grab a hair extension that matches your hair texture and wrap information technology around the ponytail holder.

          iv. Apply a curling fe to lightly bump the ends of the clip-in ponytail.

          Ii Bangs Depression Bun

          If y’all desire to clothes up a archetype hairstyle, a low bun with 2 bangs is your best bet.

          ane. Part your hair downwardly the middle and pull out 2 modest strands for your bangs.

          2. Brush the remaining hair into a ponytail and wrap the ends to make a bun.

          iii. Apply a wand to lightly curl your bangs.

          What y’all demand:
          BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Curling Wand, $69.99, Ulta

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          Braided Bun

          This wait serves simplicity and sophistication all in one.

          1. Employ gel and brush hair into a loftier ponytail.

          What you demand:
          Camille Rose Aloe Whipped Butter Gel, $15.99, Ulta

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            2. Braid your ponytail.

            3. Wrap your complect into a bun and secure it with a hairpin.

              Actress Long Braided Ponytail

              Whew! This show-stopping look is perfect for when y’all want to go total glam, but you’re in a rush.

              1. Utilise styling foam and brush pilus into a ponytail.

              2. Take braiding pilus, wrap it around a pilus necktie/safety band to brand a ponytail, and wrap the ponytail around your hair.

                What you demand:
                Sensationnel African Collection Synthetic 3x Jumbo Braiding Pilus, $12.99, Babs Hair

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                three. Divide your pilus and the braiding hair into three sections and brainstorm braiding down.

                4. Once you’ve reached the end of the complect, add more braiding hair to achieve your desired length.

                  Twisted Half-Upwardly Half-Down

                  This hairstyle looks then sophisticated, but it’s besides super easy to practise. It will become your go-to party wait in no fourth dimension!

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                  1. Part your hair at a diagonal. This will aid distribute your pilus evenly on both sides.

                  2. Take the front end portion of your hair on both sides and twist them backwards, pinning them in the back.

                  iii. Spray your pilus with oestrus protection spray.

                  What y’all need:
                  TRESemmé Good Option Estrus Protection Spray, $4, Amazon

                  Buy At present

                  four. Coil the residual of your hair away from your face up.

                  five. Spray with hairspray and castor through the curls to brand them look more natural!

                  Watch the full tutorial here.

                    Braided Twist

                    This twist is and then like shooting fish in a barrel to practice and the results are super regal.

                    1. First, lay your edges. Use gel and a toothbrush to get your babe hairs under control and then wrap a scarf around your hairline to let the gel ready.

                    What you need:
                    Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel, $8, Amazon

                    Purchase Now

                    2. Flip the residue of your hair forward and and so, starting from the back, complect your hair forward into one large complect until you accomplish the end.

                    3. Sweep your pilus effectually to the right side of your caput and find a secure spot to tuck the ends in. That’s literally it! You lot’re washed!

                    Watch the full tutorial hither.

                    Braided Top Knot

                    Give a unique spin to a classic style in less than ten minutes.

                    1. Part your hair downward the centre and section ii parts to frame the forepart of your face.
                    2. Braid each section.
                    3. Put the residuum of your pilus in a high ponytail and twist information technology into a bun. Secure the style with a hair necktie.
                    4. Bobby pin each braid around your acme knot.

                    Lookout the full tutorial hither.

                    Side Braid

                    Once you chief the side braid, y’all’ll exist unstoppable. Seriously, any fourth dimension your hair merely isn’t laying the way you want information technology to, just swipe it over in a braid and you’ll be out the door in no time.

                    i. Part your hair to i side and bring the remainder of it over your shoulder, opposite the side of your pilus part.

                    2. Rummage the hair that frames your face into a curved swoop and bobby pivot the section to the side near your ear. Repeat on the other side.

                    3. Spray hairspray onto the bottom half of your hair.

                    4. Braid the hair hanging over your shoulder, smoothing out each section every bit you go.

                    5. Necktie information technology with a clear rubberband.

                    Watch the full tutorial here.

                      Side Pony with Box Braids

                      Keep your pilus out of your face all mean solar day with this adorable look courtesy of Seventeen graphic designer, Sade Adeyina.

                      i.First, lay your edges.

                        2. Put your hair into a loftier ponytail and use an elastic band to secure it into place. Make sure at that place are no loose braids!

                        3. Get a scarf and wrap it around the band and tie it in the back and y’all’re good to become!

                        Watch the total tutorial hither.

                        Twisted Pigtails

                        This twist (literally) on a archetype is so adorable and super easy to practice!

                        1. Function your hair down the middle and divide into two sections.

                        2. If your pilus is frizzy, spray it with some water to make it easier to twist.

                        3. Starting at the scalp, twist your hair until yous get to your ear and so secure the department with a hair necktie to create a pigtail.

                        four. Repeat on the other side!

                        Scout the full tutorial here.

                        Crossover Low Ponytail

                        This pony is super casual and super beautiful, also every bit like shooting fish in a barrel to do!

                        1. Function your hair downwards the centre. Leave two pieces sectioned off at the front. Secure the rest of your hair in a low pony.

                        ii. Spray the forepart sections with hairspray to lay down any flyaways.

                        What you lot demand:
                        L’Oréal Paris Hair Care Advanced Hairstyle Lock It Bold Control Hairspray, $4, Fifty’Oréal Paris

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                        3. Have one section and cantankerous it over the hair rubberband to the other side and secure in place with a bobby pin.

                        four. Repeat with the other section of hair. Brand sure the bobby pins are really tucked in so they’re equally invisible as possible.

                        Scout the total tutorial here.

                        Double French Braids

                        This look will stay put all solar day, no matter what you practice, making it a great ‘exercise for a long 24-hour interval of shopping, classes, or just hanging out!

                        1. Beginning, lay your edges.

                        2. Apply an ample amount of mousse to the palm of your hand and run your fingers through your braids from root to tip.

                        What you need:
                        Aveda Phomollient™ Styling Cream, $25, Aveda

                        Buy now

                        three. Starting from your hairline, French braid your hair and secure the end with an elastic ring.

                        iv. Echo on the other side!

                        Watch the full tutorial hither.

                        Waterfall Braid

                        This ‘do is super clean and professional person, making information technology the perfect look for a job interview or twenty-four hours of classes.

                        1. Office your pilus downward the centre.

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                        2. Section off a pocket-sized portion of your hair on the right side and dissever it into three equal parts. French braid the section for about an inch and a half of length.

                        iii. So continue braiding, but instead of grabbing a new piece of hair similar you lot practise with a french complect, drop the ane you were working with and take hold of a new one behind it every time yous’re working with the part of the braid closer to your face.

                        4. Continue until you’ve reached the dorsum of your caput and then bobby pin the section into place. Echo on the other side.

                        Spotter the total tutorial here.

                        Twisted Side Bun

                        This look is great for a festive event like a dance or a appointment!

                        i. Part your pilus on whatever side you prefer. Starting on one side, use a brush and gel to slick down your hair, and then beginning lace braiding from the scalp, only picking upward hair from the side of the complect closer to your confront. One time you finish the complect, secure it with a clear elastic.

                        2. Echo the procedure on the other side. In one case yous become to your ear, switch to a regular, three-strand braid. Then, secure with a clear elastic.

                        three. Put your hair into a low pony, combining your braids into it with a hair tie.

                        4. Get together the hair into a bun and secure information technology with bobby pins.

                        Lookout man the total tutorial here.

                        Belle-Inspired Complect

                        This hairstyle is inspired by Belle from
                        Beauty and the Fauna. Who knew it was so easy to wait like a princess?

                        i. Part your hair down the middle. Dissever two sections in the front and pull the height half of your hair into a high ponytail, leaving the rest of your hair (and those front end sections) down.

                        2. Twist the front end sections and pull to the back of your head and under the ponytail, securing them in place with bobby pins.

                        3. Have all of your pilus and fishtail braid it to the bottom.

                        Watch the total tutorial here.

                        Half-Bun (a.k.a Hun)

                        Any hair type tin can rock this super cute style, and the best part is it takes less than v minutes to accomplish.

                        1. Apply a leave-in conditioner and comb it through your hair. Start from the ends and work your manner up to the root.
                        2. If you lot have curly pilus, run a styling production through your pilus using your fingers. If you have straighter pilus, y’all can skip this step.

                        What you demand:
                        Curl Cream, $xviii, Verb

                        Buy Now

                        3. Part your hair from ear-to-ear and twist the front chunk into a bun.

                        4. Secure your style with a hair tie.

                        Watch the total tutorial here.

                        Princess Jasmine-Inspired Updo

                        This expect is super glamorous and perfect for a appointment nighttime.

                        1. Place an elastic headband on your caput as if it were a crown.

                        What y’all demand:
                        Rhinestone Braided Hairband, $three, Shein

                        Buy Now

                        2. Twist the front department of your pilus until you get behind your ear. Tuck it into your headband and secure with a bobby pin. Echo on the other side.

                        3. Take part of the back section of your pilus and twist it in a loop up toward the ceiling. Tuck that into the headband. Continue with the rest of your pilus, using hairspray to secure it into place.

                        Spotter the full tutorial here.

                        Infinite Buns

                        This look is super fun and perfect for a nighttime out with your friends!

                        1. Start, lay your edges.

                        2. Then, part your hair downwards the middle and secure each side with an rubberband ring.

                        3. Twist or braid each section from root to end.

                        4. Wrap the section around the rubberband until it creates a bun then tuck the loose ends inside the base of operations of the bun.

                        five. Do the same matter with the other side.

                        Watch the full tutorial hither.

                        Chic Updo

                        This is for anyone who likes to be a little ✨extra✨on the daily.

                        1. Create a side part.
                        2. Take two small-scale sections of your hair and braid them. Brand sure to tie them off with elastic bands.
                        3. Loosen the braids by pulling each side.
                        4. Separate a few loose strands near your face.
                        5. Put the rest of your hair (and the two braids) into a low ponytail and secure using a hair tie.
                        6. Movement the strands y’all left at the front of your face up toward the back and create a twist on tiptop of the hair tie of your depression pony. Secure the strands in place with bobby pins.
                        7. With a crimper wand, gyre half of the strands from your low ponytail and pivot curl them.

                        Lookout the full tutorial hither.

                        One-half-Upward Ponytail

                        Did someone say Ari vibes? There’s a reason this is her signature look.

                        1. Section the elevation half of your hair up.
                        2. Tie the top section into a ponytail using a articulate rubberband band.
                        3. Wrap a minor piece of hair effectually the ponytail to encompass the elastic. Secure behind the ponytail using a bobbypin.

                        Watch the full tutorial here.

                        Twisted Braids

                        Consider this your dorsum-to-school go-to when you lot’re up early.

                        1. Office your hair down the middle and section ii parts to frame the front of your face.
                        2. Braid each section.
                        3. Pivot the braids down on each side using bobby pins.

                        Watch the full tutorial here.

                        Messy Cinderella-inspired Bun

                        If you’re looking to serve ultra-glam regal vibes, this is the ‘do for you. It’ll have a little actress time, but the results are totally worth it.

                        1. Put on a headband and gently push your pilus forward.

                          What you need:
                          Crystal beaded headband, $11.99, Amazon

                          Buy Now

                          2. Part the top section of your hair and add together volume past teasing with a rummage toward your scalp.

                          3. Flip your caput over and work some dry shampoo into your hair.

                          4. Loosely gather up the rest of your hair with a hair tie into a mid to low ponytail.

                          5. Twist and loop pocket-sized sections of the ponytail and secure with bobby pins until there are no loose strands.

                          6. Secure the expect by calculation a mist of hairspray.

                          Watch the full tutorial here.

                          Sporty Ponytail

                          Who said you couldn’t pull looks at the gym? This super easy way stays out of your face during intense workouts.

                          1. Part your pilus down the centre and section two parts to frame the forepart of your face.
                          2. Braid each section.
                          3. Pivot the braids down on each side using bobby pins.
                          4. Using a pilus tie, put the rest of your hair in a low ponytail.

                          What y’all need:
                          Scunci Black Gel Strong Concord-Ponytailers, $v.34, Amazon

                          Buy Now

                          Watch the full tutorial here.

                          Archetype Braid

                          You lot can’t ever become incorrect with a classic braid.

                          1. Untangle your pilus using a comb.
                          2. Comb your hair into the desired placement for the braid and tame any loose hairs.
                          3. Section your pilus into three fifty-fifty sections and hold them in between your fingers.
                          4. Overlap one of the outer strands over the middle strand.
                          5. Echo pace 4 with the other strand.
                          6. Go on the braid pattern all the way down and tie it off with a hair tie.

                          Watch the total tutorial here.

                          Braided Side

                          Add some edge to your everyday wait with a braided side, whether you’re running errands or heading to class.

                          1. French complect one side of your hair.
                          2. After tying off the complect, wrap it nether your hair effectually the back of your head. This volition hibernate the longer part of the complect.
                          3. Secure the braid by crossing bobby pins on the end.

                          Sentinel the full tutorial here.

                          Tight Pencil Curls

                          Looking to get tight curls and don’t have a curling atomic number 26? Take hold of some pencils and a flat iron (yep, you read that right).

                          1. Wrap a pocket-sized strand of pilus around the length of a wooden pencil.
                          2. While holding the curl in place on the pencil, spray some heat protectant.

                          What you demand:
                          Sleek & Shine Flat Fe Perfector Straightening Mist, $v, Garnier

                          Buy At present

                          3. Place the flat fe over the hair-wrapped pencil for a few seconds and then remove the iron and pencil.

                          four. Repeat until washed.

                          Watch the full tutorial here.

                          Messy Bun With Headband

                          Spruce up your messy bun with a simple and cute tie-around headband.

                          1. Pull your hair all the mode to the top of your head.
                          2. Just wrap your hair necktie around the hair 1-two times for a looser hold.
                          3. Secure actress pieces of hair with bobby pins.
                          4. Put on a cute headband to hold together the front strands of your hair.

                          What you need:
                          Stretchy twist knotted headbands, $fourteen.99, Amazon

                          Purchase Now

                          Sentinel the total tutorial here.

                          French Braid

                          Accept your classic braid up a notch with a French braid. There are a few more steps, but y’all’re guaranteed a chichi look.

                          1. Rummage your hair back to lay information technology into the position yous want it to exist in for the braid.
                          2. Kickoff the complect at the front end of your hair past sectioning off three separate pieces toward the summit of your forehead.
                          3. Begin past braiding hair as you normally would.
                          4. When pulling strands from each side, make sure to catch more than hair each time.
                          5. Brand sure to apply a tight grasp while doing and then — this ensures that the braid volition exist secure.
                          6. Continue the braid pattern all the manner down and tie it off with a hair tie.

                          Watch the full tutorial here.

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