7-Step Tutorial for Braiding Goddess Braids with Color

Goddess braids is an excellent protective hairstyle that comes in a variety of patterns and creates stunning looks. Ane of the best ways to style goddess braids is to weave in kanekalon pilus that will add fullness and brilliant affect to your ‘dos. In this commodity, I volition provide yous with a pace-past-step guidance, pictures and video tutorial and so that you successfully master making goddess braids with kanekalon for yourself or your girl.

How Goddess Braids Are Dissimilar from Other Braid Types?

Goddess braids are very close to cornrow braids, the only divergence being that gotti braids are thicker and raised college. Over again, both goddess locs and cornrows resemble French braids every bit they are braided close to the scalp. However, unlike in French braids, threads are crossed nether, not over, each other, which makes the braid look tighter and stick out from your head.

What Pilus Practice I Need for This Hairstyle?

Some other source of defoliation is what type of hair yous need to create goddess braids. While stylists claim that it’s possible to get gotti braids with your own hair, a few women and girls have hair that is thick enough to accomplish full, voluminous braids. So to stop upwards with the hairstyle that looks actually goddess-like, you will demand to “feed in” some constructed hair (I will before long show yous how).

Kanekalon pilus is a relatively inexpensive and lightweight pick, which is why it is the number one choice for feed-in braids. This tutorial features pinkish kanekalon pilus that allows making goddess braids with colour, but yous can actually choose any other type of hair extensions for braiding and employ the color matching your natural hair.

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If you desire to do two goddess braids, it doesn’t necessarily hateful you demand ii packs of synthetic hair. In fact, I employ one pack divide into 4 strands for this hairstyle. How do you decide how much braiding hair you lot need then? The thinner your hair is and the fuller braids you desire to achieve, the more than kanekalon you demand.

How to Practise 2 Goddess Braids with Kanekalon

Let me show yous an easy way to weave in kanekalon into goddess braids that can work fine fifty-fifty for those who are non good at archetype French braiding. Here are seven steps to follow.

Step ane: Set up Your Hair and Kanekalon

Offset goddess braids by parting the hair in the heart and combing it thoroughly to get rid of any tangles. You may also spray hair a bit to tame down flyaways. Split kanekalon pilus into 4 equal strands equally shown in the photo. For each complect, y’all will need two strands of kanekalon.

Step two: Part Pilus and Brand Ii Thin Ponytails

Prepare i function of your pilus with a hair clip then that it does not interfere with the process of weaving. On the loose part of your hair, make ii separate sparse ponytails in the forepart, fixing them with elastic bands.

How to Start Braiding Goddess Braids

Stride 3: Attach Kanekalon Hair

Next, have one strand of kanekalon and attach it with an rubberband band to the ponytail. Brand sure the strand of kanekalon makes two parts of equal length. Adhere another strand of kanekalon with an elastic band to the second ponytail in the aforementioned mode.

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Goddess Braids with Kanekalon  Step 3

Step 4: Put Ii Strands of the Ponytail Around the Second 1

Distribute hair in the first ponytail betwixt two strands of kanekalon. And so, put these two strands effectually the 2nd ponytail that has kanekalon attached to information technology, pull them into a new tail, and secure with an rubberband ring.

Goddess Braids with Kanekalon Tutorial Step 4

Step 5: Do the Same Play tricks with a Second Ponytail

Now, divide the strand, which is in the middle, into ii equal parts and circumvolve them effectually the tail you accept made during the previous step. Add some loose pilus and set it with an elastic band.

Goddess Braids with Color Tutorial Step 5

Step 6: End Braiding Using the Same Technique

Continue braiding putting two strands around the tail y’all have got and pulling them with some loose hair into a new ponytail. When you run out of hair, tie a ring around the end of the braid.

Two Goddess Braids Tutorial Step 6

Stride 7: Pull Out the Strands

Pull out the strands of the braid to brand information technology look more than voluminous. If yous want to emphasis the colour you feed in, pull kanekalon to the front end, pushing your hair behind it.

Pulling Out the Strands of a Goddess Braid

The second goddess braid is created in exactly the same way. The hairstyle yous should get in the cease is one of the best braid styles for girls and ladies that are not afraid of attracting attention with some bright, distinctive ‘dos.

Two Goddess Braids with Pink Kanekalon

For more details on this braiding technique, see the video tutorial:

Practice not limit your creativity with 2 goddess braids! You may utilise the aforementioned feed-in method to create a single complect with a weave or twist the ends of the braids into a bun, creating an intricate updo with kanekalon.

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The benefit of this hairstyle is that you can actually wear it for days and even weeks. Just wrap your hair with a silk scarf for sleeping and utilize some dry shampoo or its substitutes to go on your hair fresh.

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