Remember Tim Burton’s
Alice in Wonderland
from 2010? Helena Bonham Carter’s portrayal of the Red Queen was spot on, and I’ve always wanted to tackle a more realistic flick-inspired hairstyle by the Queen of Hearts!

Today, nosotros will be pedagogy you how to create this beautiful Queen of Hearts updo hairstyle!

In grooming, I will show you how to create and use
hair padding
with a few products that yous can find at your local beauty supply store. Hair padding is used to create book for very intricate pilus features, many of which yous’ve probably noticed in style shows, movies, etc. Information technology’s a fun technique and can really broaden your arsenal of styles once you go the hang of how to use it.

We establish this cute Queen of Hearts costume/dress, amid others, from the amazing Ella Dynae on Etsy. We’ve used dresses from her before, and she’s but amazing!

Young girl dressed up as the Queen of Hearts | Halloween Hairstyle (Back)

Young girl dressed up as the Queen of Hearts | Halloween Hairstyle To see your ain photograph recreations of this way featured in our app, feel free to tag your photos on IG with:

When I was trying to match this style with i of my girls, Rylan was immediately who I thought for this tutorial. She dropped in the office perfectly, equally you can run into from the rolling intro shots of the video tutorial below!  Wow, they grow upwards so fast!

Queen of Hearts Hairstyle |Halloween Hairstyle

Young girl dressed up as the Queen of Hearts | Halloween Hairstyle
Items Needed:
Castor, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, two hair nets, false pilus, 5 modest pilus elastics, 10-12 bobby pins, spray wax & hairspray {if desired}.

Time Requirement:
ten-12 minutes

Skill Level:

Video Tutorial:

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Step-by-Stride Instructions:

  1. {optional} Brainstorm by using a mini crimper to add together some volume and texture texture to the hair…
  2. Now function the hair in the heart and and so section each side down to the ear…
  3. Go dorsum about 1-2 inches and role down the sides again {you’ll end up with 5 sections {secure the back 3 out of the way for now}…
  4. At present make some pilus padding by adding a wad of fake hair into a hair net, and tying the pilus internet ends together {and shape information technology into a long thin curl, like a hot canis familiaris bun}…
  5. Add any hair accessories {similar a Queen of Hearts headpiece, in our case} and then bobby pivot the hair padding on each side of the head…
  6. Remove the elastic from your first front section and take it and wrap it
    up and over
    the hair padding {this will requite you a nice victory roll-like shape in the front, and feel free to use hair wax and a comb to assistance smooth the top layer to your liking }…
  7. Now remove the rubberband from the second section on the same side, right behind the first, and wrap it
    up and over
    the hair padding, similar y’all did on the commencement department…
  8. Use bobby pins to assistance secure the ringlet in identify, and and then prune or pivot the remaining hair from the curlicue temporarily…
  9. Echo Footstep #half-dozen-nine on the other side of the head…
  10. Now accept both temporarily secured rolls and connect the ii together with a hair rubberband in the back {make sure there’s a small-scale amount of infinite betwixt the caput and the elastic for the next pace}…
  11. Then accept the remaining hair at the back of the head and lift it upwards, smoothing it upwards and tucking it downward into the space betwixt the elastic and head {like to a Gibson Tuck}, and pin into place…
  12. Shine any concluding fly aways with your rummage and spray wax, and add a strong hairspray for a complete hold, equally desired.
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Happy Hairdoing?