20 Party Hairstyles for Long Hair and Easy Steps to Try Them Out

Whether we’re talking about sophisticated dinners, chichi cocktail gatherings or ballsy house parties – they are all groovy places to unwind! However, that’southward the exact reverse of what you would like your hair to be doing, right? Since braids are really trendy at the moment, I’ve come to the rescue with twenty simple yet gorgeous party hairstyles for long hair you’re going to love!

Ultimate Party Pilus Rules

Achieving the perfect political party hairstyle is all near knowing a few useful hair styling rules – and playing by them. Here they are – all tried-and-tested by me and on my long direct pilus!

  • For a slick look, utilize hairspray and a toothbrush to go rid of flyaways! Spray some onto a toothbrush and use it similar a rummage to rummage back the flyaways.
  • Curl pilus away from your face at the front for all-time results waves.
  • Spray hairspray on slippery bobby pins to make sure they stay in place all night long.
  • Brand sure y’all put bobby pins in with the flat side facing out and the bumpy side inward.
  • When I say “pancaking”, there’southward no frying pan involved! Pancaking a braid ways puffing it out by gently pulling on the edges which creates an easy ‘pancake’ effect. It gives your hair an actress volume boost.
  • Go on your bun nifty for formal events or make information technology a piffling more boho and messy for coincidental (e.g., birthday) parties.
  • Probably, the most important dominion: brand sure the hairstyle is comfy – and yous feel good wearing it.
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20 Political party Ideas for Long Hair You Can Recreate!

And now – I’ll show you how to create each of these hairstyles for a party step by step!

#1: Braided Updo

  1. Split all hair into two sections.
  2. Do a Dutch braid down each section, pancaking it as you go. Make sure you angle both braids slightly towards the centre!
  3. Wrap both braids in a screw around each other and pin in place. You can put the braids wherever you would similar the bun to be – it’s totally up to you!

Braided Updo

#2: Half Up Double Dutch Braids

  1. Assemble a rectangular department of pilus from the forehead back to about ten centimeters.
  2. Divide this section downwardly the middle of the head into 2 even sections.
  3. Exercise a Dutch braid on each department, pancaking as you go!

Half Up Double Dutch Braids

Half Up Double Dutch Braids

#3: Fishtail Flower One-half Upwardly Style

  1. Take a big section of hair from the front of the caput and create a Dutch fishtail braid, pancaking as you go.
  2. When you achieve halfway downwardly the head, stop adding in hair and practise a fishtail plait.
  3. Wrap the fishtail around in a spiral (making sure it gets smaller as yous get!) and pin in place.

Half Up Fishtail Style

Half Up Fishtail Manner

#four: One-half Up Stacked Braid

  1. Take a small-scale section of pilus from the right-hand side of the caput and section it away.
  2. Take a larger section of pilus directly next to it and begin a Dutch lace braid across the head.
  3. Tie information technology off after a few centimeters of plaiting.
  4. Take the first modest department of pilus, plait it – then tie it off.
  5. Pin information technology directly in the middle of the Dutch braid.
  6. Tie them together at the end!

Half Up Stacked Braid

Half Up Stacked Braid

#5: Braided Flower

  1. Take a section of hair to the side of your caput and do a Dutch braid across your head, pancaking it equally you lot go.
  2. Exercise another pancaked Dutch braid underneath the first one.
  3. Now take a the end of the first braid and roll information technology in a spiral shape to plow it into a flower.
  4. Set it in place with a pin.
  5. Take the cease of the second braid and wrap it around the beginning flower, creating an illusion of one big bloom.
  6. Pivot it in place.

Half Up Hairstyle with Braided Flower

Braided Flower

#half-dozen: Fishtail Updo

  1. Take a section of pilus from the front of the head near the brow (where you would like the fishtail braid to start).
  2. Start a fishtail braid towards the right-hand side of the head.
  3. Continue braiding making sure that you use all the hair from both sides of the head (but equally if yous were doing a centered fishtail braid – only on the side of the caput).
  4. Continue the fishtail braid until you have no more than hair left. And then, continue with a fishtail plait until the end of the hair – and tie off.
  5. Take the fishtail plait and wrap it around in a screw making sure that the screw gets gradually smaller. Finally, pin it in place!

Fishtail Updo with a Hair Clip

Fishtail Updo

#7: Triple Ladder Braids + a Flower

  1. Take a minor department of hair from one side of the head and begin a twist waterfall braid across the head.
  2. Tie it off as soon as yous end adding in hair to the complect.
  3. Accept another small section of hair from one side of the head and begin a twist waterfall braid. Except with this braid, when bringing more pilus use the sections that have passed through the braid above. This creates the ‘ladder’ effect.
  4. Echo Pace 3 with another small-scale section of hair underneath to create 3 ladder braids.
  5. Tie the ends of all the braids together into a tiny ponytail and plait the pilus in the ponytail.
  6. Now wrap the plait around in a spiral to create the bloom.

Triple Ladder Braids with a Flower

Triple Ladder Braids with a Flower

#8: Ladder Braid with a Twist

  1. Take a small section of hair from the side of the head and do a twist waterfall braid.
  2. Continue twisting the strands at the end for a few centimeters and so tie it off.
  3. Take a small-scale section of hair a few centimeters underneath the offset ane and exercise a lace braid. Make sure that the strands you bring in are the strands from the twist waterfall complect.
  4. Go on plaiting the pilus combining the cease of the twist. Necktie off the plait – and you’re ready!

Diagonal Ladder Braids for Party

Ladder Braids

#9: Rope Braid Style

  1. Take a section of pilus from the left side of the head and do a rope complect, fishing it towards the heart of the caput. Merely bring in hair from the left side of the caput.
  2. When there is no hair left to add in, just go along to twist the strands effectually each other and necktie off at the end.
  3. Repeat the steps with the pilus on the right side – only bringing in pilus from the right side.
  4. Have the ends of both braids and twist them effectually each other to combine both braids into one at the finish.
  5. Tie them off – and you lot’re done!

Rope Braid Party Hairstyle

Rope Braid Style

#10: Half Upwards Fishtail Complect

  1. Take a small section of your hair from either side of the head.
  2. Tie these sections together at the back in the middle creating a small ponytail.
  3. Flip the ponytail effectually itself once then you create a twisted effect.
  4. Pull on the twists gently to loosen it upward slightly.
  5. Echo these steps then that y’all have a second twisted ponytail underneath the first department.
  6. Take the remaining hair from the ponytails plus the hair underneath them and kickoff a fishtail plait, pancaking as y’all become.
  7. Necktie it with an elastic band, and – voila!

Half Up Fishtail Braid for Party

Half Upwardly Fishtail Complect

#11: Mixed Waterfall Braids

  1. Have a modest section of hair toward one side of the head and do a four-strand waterfall braid beyond the back of the head.
  2. Continue plaiting it, doing a four-strand plait for a few centimeters and necktie it off.
  3. Become dorsum and gently pancake the braid.
  4. Have a small-scale section of hair below the starting time section.
  5. Practise a lace fishtail braid on this department, making sure the pilus you bring in is the hair from the four-strand waterfall.
  6. Combine the 4-strand plait and the fishtail and tie with an elastic band.

Mixed Waterfall Braids

Mixed Waterfall Braids

#12: Dutch Braid and Fishtail Bun

  1. Take a section of pilus from the front end of the head and do a Dutch braid down the middle. Tie it into a low ponytail.
  2. Create a voluminous effect by pancaking the braid.
  3. Take the ponytail and do a fishtail plait, pancaking equally you become.
  4. Necktie it off at the end.
  5. Take the fishtail and wrap it around in a spiral to create a bun.
  6. Pin it in place – and get ready for the compliments!

Dutch Braid + Fishtail Bun

Dutch Braid + Fishtail Bun

#13: Stacked Braid Updo

  1. Take a small-scale to medium sized section of hair from the very front of the head and section it off.
  2. Take a big section of hair underneath the first 1.
  3. Do a Dutch five-strand braid with the large section of hair, pancaking every bit you become.
  4. Tie it off into a low ponytail – where y’all desire the base of operations of the bun to be.
  5. Using the first small department of hair, create a four-strand plait slightly pancaking as you go. Finish when you reach the ponytail.
  6. Add together the four-strand plait to the ponytail using some other hair tie.
  7. Plough the ponytail into a bun by twisting information technology around itself.
  8. Pivot the bun in identify.
  9. Pin the four-strand plait downwards the heart of the five-strand braid so that information technology doesn’t movement around.

Stacked Braid Donut Bun

Stacked Braid Updo

#14: Half Upward Fishtail with a Flower

  1. Take a small-scale section of hair from the forehead to the peak of the caput and section information technology out of the way.
  2. Take a department of hair underneath the first section and start a fishtail complect just only bring in pilus until halfway downwardly the head.
  3. Do a fishtail plait at the end of the fishtail braid (exact aforementioned technique except you lot terminate bringing in extra hair).
  4. Take the first department and do a plait, pancaking only one side of it.
  5. Wrap it around in a spiral with the pancaked side facing out.
  6. Make certain the spiral gets smaller each time and that each layer overlaps the previous ane slightly creating the blossom effect.
  7. Pivot the flower in place.
  8. Add a little bling if yous wish!

Half Up Fishtail + Flower

Half Up Fishtail with a Flower

#15: Cornrows and Flowers

  1. Part pilus to one side and department off hair that you won’t exist braiding. Remember to also section off the hair that is below the cornrows and flowers which won’t be in the braid.
  2. Section the remaining hair into three even parts.
  3. Using the section closest to the part, practice a really tight french braid, continue plaiting it – then tie it off.
  4. Repeat this for the other 2 sections.
  5. Coil upward each plait into a spiral to create the flowers.
  6. Pin flowers in place – and you lot’re ready to party!

Cornrows and Flowers

Cornrows and Flowers

#16: Stacked Braids into a Bun

  1. Dissever all hair into two sections.
  2. Section off a relatively pocket-sized piece of hair at the front of each section.
  3. Using the residual of the hair in i of the large sections, practice a Dutch braid pancaking as y’all go.
  4. Repeat Stride 3 to the other side of your pilus.
  5. Take the small section of hair at the forepart and plait it, pinning the plait to the Dutch complect once y’all’ve tied them off.
  6. Repeat Step 5 to the other side of the pilus.
  7. Tie all braids into a low ponytail or where you lot would like the bun to be.
  8. Take out the ends of the braids that have been tied into the ponytail.
  9. Separate the ponytail into two sections and twist them around each other, creating a rope braid.
  10. Twist the rope braid around into a spiral and pin to create a bun!

Double Stacked Braid into a Bun

Double Stacked Braid Into a Bun

#17: French Braids and Chimera Braid One-half Upwardly Style

  1. Function the hair down the middle of the head and stop at approximately one-3rd of the way downwards.
  2. Take a section of pilus from the right side and do a French lace braid towards the middle.
  3. Necktie it off one time y’all reach the middle of the head.
  4. Repeat the French lace braid on the left side.
  5. Tie the braids together in the middle of the head to create a half up ponytail.
  6. Measure about 3 centimeters downward by the beginning hair band in the ponytail and tie another a hairband around it.
  7. Have a small section of hair from the ponytail, wrap it around and tuck into the hairband to hibernate the hair tie.
  8. Pull the department out gently to create a bubble event.
  9. Repeat Steps half dozen and seven and 8 until the end of the ponytail!

French Braids and Bubble Braid Half Up Style

French Braids and Chimera Braid One-half Up Style

#18: Half Up Mixed Braids

  1. Take a small department of hair from the correct side and create a rope twist.
  2. Necktie it off once it is long enough to reach the middle of the head.
  3. Repeat this footstep on the left side.
  4. Accept a small department of hair underneath the rope twist and plait information technology.
  5. Tie it off when it is long plenty to reach the center of the head.
  6. Repeat this step on the left side.
  7. Combine all braids with a section of hair in the middle of the head, fishtail plait all of the hair and necktie off.
  8. Loosely pancake the fishtail complect – and done!

Half Up Mixed Braids

Half Up Mixed Braids

#19: Braided Low Bun

  1. Tie a ponytail about halfway down your head with a small section of hair from the crown.
  2. Take a modest section of hair around the forepart simply underneath the hair in the ponytail and do a Dutch complect all the way effectually to where you lot have tied the ponytail. Make sure you simply stop adding in hair in one case you lot accomplish the ponytail – simply continue plaiting.
  3. Repeat these steps with some other section of pilus on the other side of your head.
  4. Tie some other ponytail where you want the base of your bun to be.
  5. Braid a fishtail into the ponytail.
  6. Use a bobby pin to gear up the two Dutch braids into a crossover where the first small ponytail was tied.
  7. Wrap the fishtail braid effectually like a spiral and bobby pin information technology where you would like it. This is now your bun!
  8. Pin the excess parts of the Dutch braids backside the fishtail bun.

Braided Low Bun for Party

Braided Low Bun

#20: Half Up Pull-Through Braid

  1. Section abroad the lesser half of your hair. Leave it downward for this fashion to keep it out of the way.
  2. Take a small section of hair from the crown of your head and tie information technology in a small-scale ponytail using a articulate rubberband.
  3. Necktie another small ponytail underneath it using some other clear elastic.
  4. Split the first ponytail into two sections.
  5. Bring the second ponytail up through the middle of the split up and clip it out of the way.
  6. Necktie a tertiary ponytail under the second one, making sure to incorporate the strands left over from the beginning ponytail.
  7. Separate the second ponytail into two sections.
  8. Bring the third ponytail upwardly through the center of the split and clip it out of the way.
  9. Tie another ponytail under the third i, making sure to comprise the strands left over from the 2d ponytail.
  10. Repeat these steps until you take used all of the hair that y’all wanted to have in the one-half-up braid.
  11. One time you lot have run out of hair to add into new ponytails, keep repeating the same process. But this fourth dimension, instead of bringing new hair into new ponytails just bring the remaining strands hanging downwards from the ponytail above it through the eye of the split section.

Half Up Pull-Through Braid

Half Upwards Pull-Through Braid

Hopefully, this has inspired y’all to rock a cool hairdo at your next party, whether it’s a themed, dinner or even Indian nuptials political party! If y’all would similar to come across more party hairstyles for long pilus similar these, follow me on Instagram @thegoodhairday! Also, experience costless to transport me a direct message with any questions – and I’ll be happy to help!

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