5 Flattering Pineapple Updos and the Guide to Pineapple Method

Pineapple puff is piece of cake to style and looks beautiful on natural pilus for every occasion. It can exist a lazy hairstyle, or yous can add together some accessories, a blindside, or styled babe hairs to information technology and brand a whole different wait. Information technology’s also a good option for a curly hair bedtime routine!

Read on to learn more well-nigh how to pineapple natural pilus for protection at night and an effortless glam wait during the daytime.

Pineapple Method for Natural Hair

Pineapple is a loose, high ponytail made on meridian of your hair. It makes a perfect ii-in-1 hairstyle for those with curly and coily hair types, significant that y’all can rock information technology during the day and when going to slumber too. Hither is why pineappling your natural hair for sleep is such a great thought:

  • Yous prevent the flattening of your coils, which helps yous preserve your wash day results longer and develop a healthier hair washing regimen.
  • Rubbing against the pillow causes breakage and frizzy pilus. Bringing pilus up into a pineapple is one of the sure ways to prevent frizz.
  • Preserving natural oils and moisture is essential to keeping natural hair healthy. A pineapple method helps retain the moisture, and the effect is fifty-fifty better if you add a bonnet or a satin scarf on top or slumber on a silk/satin pillowcase.
  • Detangling natural hair may exist a real trial, which is why preventing the knots is another do good that volition persuade you never to skip pineappling your hair for the night.

To pineapple your hair, curve forward and gather your hair on top of your head, closer to the front end. Loop the rubberband or a scrunchie just once or twice and then that a pineapple stays in place but doesn’t pull pilus. If it does, yous can have headaches in the morning and a nasty indentation in your hair. Another helpful tip is to use a satin scrunchie that will further minimize any breakage.

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If your hair is long, opt for a pineapple bun; if your hair is short, pineapple it with a satin scarf, not using a scrunchie at all. For shoulder-length hair, clipping your curls on pinnacle before wrapping them into a silk scarf might piece of work best. Refer to this video tutorial if yous want to have a amend idea on how to style these nighttime hairstyles.

Best Pineapple Hairstyles

While pineapple sounds like one hairstyle, in that location are 5 dissimilar ways you lot can style it to swap things up. Meet how I do it and experiment with accessories to get the nearly flattering protective hairstyle for any occasion.

#1: Pineapple Pony

This is my get-to hairstyle, the pineapple puff. It’s easy to achieve: merely employ an elastic hair tie or drawstring ponytail holder to put your curls together. I do add my favorite Mielle Organics edge gel to my edges and some accessories to modify up the style.

Another pick for bringing the pineapple pony to the next level is adding blonde tips to your curls. In my instance, I had fully blonde hair only decided to grow it out. Thus, I cut the blonde, leaving some tips to achieve a different look. See how these blonde tips enhance the overall look of a pineapple puff!

Blonde Highlights on Black Hair Put into a Pineapple

#ii: Pineapple Hair with Bangs

This is one of my favorite hairstyles when I have an event or simply desire an effortless hairstyle. To attain this mode, I section my hair and exit a few curls out. Since my hair is longer in the front, I use some bobby pins to pin upwardly the curls.

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Pineapple Hair Updo for Natural Hair

Here is the same hairstyle with the bangs sectioned and put on the sides to add some trendy curtain bangs to the curly pineapple.

Pineapple with Curly Bangs

#three: Pineapple Bun

Pineapple bun is a super easy and fast hairstyle, especially if you accept an onetime wash and become. Most times, this is my day 5 hairstyle. For this style, I use two rubberband hair ties and parcel my hair together. I also add my favorite edge gel to my edges to concord the bun in identify.

Pineapple Bun on Natural Hair

#iv: Half Up One-half Downwardly with a Pineapple

This style is a combination of both worlds: the bun and loose hair. For this style, I added curly clip-ins for extra length and book.

Hairstyle with Curly Clip-In Extensions for Black Women

Another combination that shows off my 3 favorite hairstyles is the half up half down with bangs. To attain this look, you should part the hair in 3 sections for the bangs, the pineapple, and the leave out.

Half Up Half Down Hairstyle with a Pineapple Bun and Bangs

#5: Pineapple with a Scarf Wrap

Accessories make a huge departure when it comes to this style! An easy pick is a caput wrap. You lot can do unlike styles for natural hair with a scarf and pineapple, and this is one of them.

Pineapple with a Head Wrap

Do you desire to stone this easy and beautiful hairstyle? Follow the steps in a higher place or follow me on Instagram @iliandraa to see my tutorials and natural hair care tips.

5 Flattering Pineapple Updos and the Guide to Pineapple Method

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