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Pink Hair seems bright, cheerful and happy for some reason. At least that’s what I picture when watching an

Of class that’s not how all pink haired
girls act at all.

It’south a unique color, fifty-fifty if not equally uncommon as other
hair colors like white.

Just I digress.

Here are 28 pink haired

Many of which you lot don’t know, who deserve some credit, and have great personalities.

Pink Haired
Girls Listing:

1. Julis Alexia Van Riessfeld

Julis in total-on assault way.

Julis is a princess
from the
anime: Asterisk State of war. An activity/fantasy

You won’t notice her “interim” like a stereotypical princess though.

She cares for orphans and goes out of her way to help them.

Plus has the goal of making a difference for those less fortunate.

Julis Alexia’s too one of the main female protagonists from Asterisk State of war.

2. Megumi Sakura

pink haired anime girls

Megumi’s a high school instructor in the
School Live!

She’s scolded for how she treats her students. Because it’due south not the “normal” way a teacher should go about it.

But that’s what makes Megumi and then bonny as a character. She’s caring, empathetic and understanding of her students.

Even if she’due south not very “teacher” similar. Whatever that means 😉

3. Lunar Edomae

pink haired anime girls

Lunar’s later one of the chief characters in:
My Helpmate Is A Mermaid.

She’south a global pop star who’due south famous with a huge celebrity status.

And even though she has a sweet side, this girl is two-faced. A backstabber. Fake, and far from honest.

That being said the role she plays plus her insecurities makes Lunar an interesting character worth mentioning.

Sometimes dis-likable, flawed characters make them more appealing.

4. Mei Hatsume

pink haired anime girls
Mei Hatsume enjoying herself as usual.

Mei Hatsume’south one of many upcoming superheroes from:
My Hero Academia.

You won’t find an energetic, optimistic, excited female person character similar her in
My Hero Academia.

She’s not afraid to promote herself or what she does, fifty-fifty if it is shameless. And that’s what makes Mei an interesting character, overflowing with conviction and a peppery passion.

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5. Mina Ashido

pink haired anime girls

Mina Ashido, another
character from:
My Hero Academia!

This girls total of energy, has 1 of the almost interesting appearances, and has the power to burn what she touches.

With an acid-like ability

There’due south nada that’southward NOT unique about her appearance.

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6. Princess Euphemia

pink haired anime girls

Ane of the female characters from
Code Geass season 1.

Euphemia is one of the virtually approachable characters in Code Geass. And it’s not hard to go along with her.

Or like her equally an
fan. But what follows will interruption your center in then many pieces yous won’t be able to put it back together.

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Whatsoever yous do, watch Code Geass. Yous won’t be disappointed.

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seven. Shichimiya Satone

pink haired anime girls

Shichimiya Satone from the

She has a beloved heart sticker on the left side of her face. Underneath her left eye.

And is full of life, free energy with a crazy-wild imagination.

If y’all watch Chuunibyou you lot won’t witness Satone until season 2. But trust me it’southward worth it.

I honey the function she plays and her characteristics.

viii. Megumi (Shiki)

pink haired anime girls

Megumi is a vital
grapheme from Horror series:

She’s insecure, lacks confidence and self esteem, and is bitter towards others.

Non exactly the best of characteristics. And unattractive at best.

Simply in a way information technology makes Megumi relatable and even likable to an extent.

I’d recommend watching Shiki if you’re into horror

9. Minori Kushieda

pink haired anime girls

Minori Kushieda is a primary character from:

I take a dearest-hate human relationship with characters from Tordadora. Especially in the beginning.

Just out of all the characters, I love Minori Kushieda the most.

She’s hilarious, funny, and is the type of person to lighten the mood when it’s dark.

And that’s what I’m similar in a lot of means.

10. Kourousagi (Black Rabbit)

pink haired anime girls

Taken from fantasy
Problem Children Are Coming From Another World.

Black Rabbit, real proper noun: Kourousagi is a wise graphic symbol with knowledge on almost everything.

And she has the ability to tell whether someone is lying or not.

In her normal course her hair is purple. Merely her true form has pink hair as seen in a higher place.

11. Tetora

pink haired anime girls

Tetora is a character featured in gaming
anime:Log Horizon.

She has the type of personality that some will detect overwhelming, silly and exaggerated.

But that’south what makes Tetora a stand-out graphic symbol.

Who never seems to be unhappy, pitiful or affected by negative situations.

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12. Kanon Nakagawa

pink haired anime girls

Kanon Nakagawa is taken from
The World God Only Knows.

She has the same voice actor as Mikoto Misaka from Railgun. And loves singing.

And even goes professional in the
serial with the help of Katsuragi. The main protagonist.

Kanon’southward major drawback is her self confidence.

13. Yachiru Kusajishi

pink haired anime girls

Yachiru is from the ane and only

She seems like nothing but a child who’s always hanging out with Kenpachi.

And her actions seem simplistic and kittenish.

But in reality she’s a soul reaper who knows how to fight if the situation calls for it.

And some lieutenants seem scared of her.

Yachiru’s also observant, noticing things others aren’t able to meet.

14. Meredy

pink haired anime girls

Meredy starts out as a villain in the
Fairy Tail!

First off she has a blood-animalism for battle, is ignorant, naive and dangerous.

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But as the
progresses her truthful self is shown.

I similar her character development throughout the
Fairy Tail

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fifteen. Virgo (Fairy Tail)

pink haired anime girls

Virgo. A celestial spirit of
Heartfilia’southward from
Fairy Tail.

Truthfully Virgo is more popular than most characters on this listing. And probably lacks more depth to her graphic symbol than others.

But out of all the pinkish haired
girls out at that place, Virgo deserves this list.

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16. Ranmaru Rindou (Good Luck Girl)

ranmaru rindou good luck girl anime e1547208839257

Ranmaru, as you can tell, is what yous’d telephone call a “tom boy”.

Her father raised her in his dojo. And expects Ranmaru to take over and become a martial creative person.

That’due south why Ranmaru’s and so intent in dressing the style she does, and why her personality sometimes comes off equally brash in Good Luck Girl.

17. Sherria Blendy (Fairy Tail)

sherria blendy fairy tail

Sherria, if you’ve watched
Fairy Tail, is the rival of Wendy Marvell. Specially in the thousand magic
where both characters face-off.

Like to Wendy, Sheriria Blendy is 1 of the kindest characters in the
Fairy Tail
series. With a called-for want to show her strength to others, and overcome any limitations.

18. Lisbeth (Sword Fine art Online)

lisbeth smile sword art online

Even though Lisbeth is ready upwardly to “like” Kirito in the early on stages of
SAO, I’ve always loved her function in the series.

Lisbeth makes SAO fun because of her jolly, sometimessarcasticpersonality.

I too feel similar she’southward handled ameliorate than comparable
characters when it comes to Kirito in general.

19. Chibiusa Tsukino (Sailor Moon)

chibiusa tsukino smile sailor moon

Chibiusa shows up out of nowhere in the early seasons of Sailor Moon. But if you’re a fan of this classic series – then y’all’ll know why and what her role is.

I won’t say also much more to avoid spoilers, other than – she’s equally kind and compassionate as
Sailor Moon

20. Zero Two (Darling In The Franxx)

zero two screenshot darling in the

Zero Two could take been i of myfavorite charactersif it weren’t for the downfall of
Darling In The Franxx.

But she’s notwithstanding a fun, interesting character who’due south weird and eccentric plenty to give
Darling In The Franxx
its “spark”.

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21. Akari Mizunashi (Aria The Animation)

akari mizunashi smile gif

There’s a time when nosotros’re all pure and gentle in our lives. And that’susuallywhen we’re kids.

Equally we age – society squeezes the pureness out of you.

Only Akari Mizunashiis an example of someone who refuses to let that happen, no matter how disrespectful, rude or humble a person is.

She’south one of the purest, happiest anime characters the manufacture has shown u.s.a.. Even in 2019!

22. Madoka Magica)

madoka kaname magical girl

Madoka Kaname isanotheranime girl who’s pure of heart and likewise kind to harm anyone.

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That’due south what makes her so naive in the
Madoka Magica
story, but then again – that’s why she sacrifices everything to save everyone she loves.

For her – happiness comes from helping others, instead ofmerelythinking about yourself.

23. Yuki Takeya (Schoolhouse Alive)

yuki takeya and dog

Yuki Takeya, as withsomepink haired
girls is besides nice, kind, and a trivial air-headed.

Only that’southward the reason she’s able to overcome her mental affliction, delusions, and the depressing circumstances she’s thrown into heads beginning.

You can think of Yuki Takeya as a “female
Natsu” for her simple, merely sometimesinterestingways of looking at things.

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24. Yoshino Koharu (Sakura Quest)

yoshino koharu cute smile

Yoshino ends up in the village of Manoyama, a village based on a Real place in Japan.

Originally she’s from Tokyo, but she’s in drastic demand of change.

A fiddling different to other pink haired
girls – Yoshino Koharu is energetic, extroverted, and enjoys talking to people.

Advice is one of her forte’south, alongside hard work and persistence.

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25. Yuno Gasai (Future Diary)

yuno gasai future diary gif

Yuno Gasai doesn’tneedan introduction. She’south the crazy stalker girlfriend we see in Future Diary.

The queen of Yandere’southward.

And information technology’south not fifty-fifty her fault she’s and then messed up or insecure.

Growing up – her parents threw her in a cage and left her there to starve… And punished Yuno to vent their ain stress from every day life.

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26. Shuna (Tensei Slime)

shuna tensei slime anime

Shuna joins Rimuru Tempest
later into this
series with 24 episodes in total.

Shuna has a talent for healing magic and all things related. With a personality that’s kinder than her “ogre” appearance would have you believe.

27. Mine (Akame Ga Impale)

mine blushing over tatsumi akame ga kill

I love Mine. She’s a grapheme with a purpose and a strong will to fight for what she believes in.

Mine is half foreign, so she’s treated like a 2nd-course citizen as a child.

And so her 1 goal in life is to create a society where everyone can live together. Without being judged by the skin color or cultural differences.

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28. Ram (Re:Zero)

ram arc 4 re zero anime

And then we have Ram. Who Ipreferover her younger sister: Rem from Re:Zero.

Ram’s conviction and pride are 2 of her most attractive traits.

Non to mention how blunt and ruthlessly honest she is with anyone she talks to.

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Honorable Mention:

  • Aries (Fairy Tail).


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