24 Christmas Gifts for a DIY Women’s Hair Advent Calendar

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and what can make a true pilus lover scream with joy if non a DIY hair advent calendar filled with treats you have picked yourself? Unlike off-the-shelf beauty advent calendars, a DIY 1 means just the products you love and need nearly. And they are super easy to make!

Just wrap 24 shoeboxes with the prettiest paper you tin find and add together the relevant numbers. Or, for the DIY-averse, utilise one of Amazon’due south pre-made advent calendars or gift boxes. And then, fill up boxes with Christmas gifts for her and stack somewhere where you or your loved ones tin enjoy your daily dose of pilus love.

Read on for the best women pilus souvenir ideas and feel the holiday spirit coming!

#24: Dry Shampoo for Hair Care On the Get

Give the gift of shiny locks and healthy-looking volume all year circular with a dry shampoo mini. Ideal for handbags, gym bags, and topping up on the get, it is a perfect Christmas hair gift idea.

#23: Scalp Intendance Scrub

Scalp care is the foundation of any salubrious hair routine, and pilus scrub is a must-take product for clarifying the roots, exfoliating the scalp,  improving book, and even helping with bug like dandruff.

Hair Scrub for Women Hair Gift

#22: Hair Conditioner for a Glossy Look

Conditioners are indispensable in terms of pilus routine, which makes them the all-time hair gift idea for women. Why not apply your DIY advent calendar as an opportunity to effort out a brand you have had your center on all year?

Hair Conditioner Among the Best Hair Care Gift Ideas

#21: Relaxing Scalp Massager

Christmas is a time to relax and become into the chill spirit. A scalp massager you notice in one of the boxes will definitely help you do this, while also stimulating your pilus to grow and glow.

Scalp Massager Hair Gift

#twenty: Mousse to Put a Spring in Your Curls

Mousse may not be a must-accept for everyone, but if you are looking for some curly pilus girl gift ideas, and then this product is a winner for putting a jump back in the curls all year circular.

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Mousse for Curly Hair Girl Gift

#19: Basic Detangling Brush

Sometimes, the best gifts for women are the ones that go back to nuts, and a good hairbrush is just i instance here. Hint: this is also a great hair stylist souvenir idea as they volition always welcome a new quality tool.

Hair Brush Gift

#18: Serum for Shining Similar a Diamond

Who doesn’t want shiny hair? Serum is one of the best products for shiny pilus, so make sure to include your favorite in your DIY hair advent calendar.

Hair Serum in a Christmas Gift Calendar

#17: Hair Mask for Some Deep Treatment

A nurturing hair mask is something most of united states of america save for pre-events, and then Christmas is the perfect time to care for yourself or someone you love to a new mask in mini format.

Hair Mask Among Gifts for Hair Lover

#xvi: Trendy Hair Accessories

Keep your advent calendar stocked with some sparkle this Christmas: just choose a trendy hairband, necktie or grip on Amazon or browse these pilus accessories shops on Instagram to get what you like most. Perfect for all those festive parties ahead!

Hair Accessories Among Christmas Gifts Ideas

#15: Hair Pulverization to Pump Up the Book

Dry shampoo may be a powerful marry in the boxing confronting flat roots for everyone, but for real oomph, pilus volume powders are just what you demand. Difficult to choose ane? See our review of the best options.

Hair Powder for Her in the Advent Calendar

#14: Hair Dryer Brush for Sleek and Smooth Hairstyles

A hair dryer brush that takes the hassle out of styling is going to be a winner among women pilus gift ideas. Whether the appearance calendar is for you or your hair care loving friend, consider investing in one of the all-time pilus dryer brushes on the marketplace to have sleek and smoothen hair with less efforts year-round.

Hair Dryer Brush in a Christmas Gift Calendar

#13: Texturizing Spray for Long-Lasting Concord

Texturizer sprays tin can help you create some perfect embankment waves and enjoy an like shooting fish in a barrel-to-wear and universally flattering hairstyle in minutes.

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Texturizing Spray Among Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

#12: Toning Shampoo to Fight Unwanted Tones

Blonde tones know all too well how easily that gold shade tin can turn brassy, while brunettes tin can easily become too warm, so brand sure yous add in a toning shampoo to your DIY advent calendar.

Toning Shampoo as a Christmas Gift Idea

#eleven: Detangling Spray for Smooth Beginning of a New Year

Combing wet hair can be quite a hassle, especially if you take thick or curly hair types. Take the ‘Ouch!’ out of styling with a detangling spray this Christmas.

Detangling Spray in a Gift List for Christmas

#10: Quality Hairdryer for a Perfect Blowout

If you’re looking for the best pilus intendance gift ideas for women, then y’all cannot go too far wrong with a good quality hairdryer. It is essential for DIY professional blowouts and can knock everyone off their feet.

Hairdryer as an Advent Christmas Present

#9: Salon Gift Card for Whatsoever Makeover Needs

Sometimes, a trip to the salon is just what you need. Then why non add a salon gift card to your pilus advent agenda and so use it for coloring, a cutting, or fifty-fifty a pre-event styling session? Information technology is also an excellent choice for a Christmas gift for a mum who has everything.

Salon Gift Card as one of the Ideas for Christmas Present

#8: Silk Pillowcase for Overnight Hair Care

Alongside serums and oils, there is another ally in the quest for sleek hair that makes a perfect Christmas present – a silk pillowcase. Reducing static and wear on your hair throughout the night, they also help to keep your style in shape while you sleep.

Silk Pillowcase in a Hair Care Advent Calendar

#vii: Pilus Oils for Softer Tresses

Pilus oils are non just for moisturizing pilus; they as well soften crude strands and add shine, so brand sure to put i in your Christmas gifts calendar.

Hair Oils Included in Hair Advent Calendar

#6: Quality Curling Tong for Bouncing Curls

Just like straighteners, high-quality curling tongs are loftier up on the wish list of many hair care fans, and so if you are looking for hair care gift ideas for women, this 1 is a must-take item.

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Curling Tong in a Hair Gift Ideas for Women Calendar

#5: Nurturing Shampoo Addressing Specific Hair Needs

While shampoo might non seem like the near glamorous of Christmas pilus care gift ideas, washing hair is the most mutual hair care procedure and the correct shampoo can practise wonders improving shine, calculation volume, and immigration out years of product build-upwards.

Shampoo in a Christmas Gift Ideas Calendar

#4: Loftier Absorptive Hair Towel

Pilus is nigh vulnerable to damage when wet, so getting information technology dry out equally chop-chop every bit possible is a priority for keeping it salubrious. Cut down on drying (and styling) time with a particularly designed microfiber hair towel to absorb excess wet.

Hair Towels in a Christmas Presents Calendar

#3: Straightener with a Heat Sensor

Directly pilus is sleek and timelessly stylish, so rest assured that quality straighteners that don’t damage hair make excellent Christmas gifts for women.

Straightener as One of Christmas Gifts for Women

#2: Hair Dye for Dyeing Routine or Color Experiments

Hair dye is one of the best souvenir ideas for people who color their pilus. Simply why not start a new year’s day with a new colour? But try some safe experiments with hair color and purchase the hair dye that flatters your skin tone all-time.

Hair Dye in a Hair Advent Calendar

#1: Hair Perfume for a Signature Scent

Everyone loves great-smelling hair so why not add together a particularly-designed hair perfume into your agenda for locks that smell as good every bit they look?

Hair Perfume for Her as a Christmas Present Idea

Pilus advent calendars are a fun and thoughtful mode to pamper a loved ane or yourself this Christmas. Simply make sure to pick products most suited to the hair type of the recipient, become for minis where you tin to save on space, and have fun!

Did you lot like our gift ideas? Pin our Pilus Care Wish List and become back to it each time you lot desire to give or receive some corking hair intendance presents.

Hair Care Wish List

24 Christmas Gifts for a DIY Women’s Hair Advent Calendar

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