Find the Perfect Bob Cut for Your Face Shape

Bob haircuts are hot and trending these days. But while the idea of choosing a short hairstyle tin be tempting, there are some things you should take into account earlier you give yourself a makeover. So find out what bob haircut volition piece of work for you lot and how to style information technology.

Before You lot Hit the Salon

Just every bit anybody has a grinning, every face shape has a haircut which flatters them better than others. So, before booking that date, information technology’s vital to identify facial features and the most complimentary hairstyle. With a broad variety of bobs available, never fear, options are endless. First of all, show up prepared or the haircut of your nightmares may be waiting. Bring accurate celebrity photos or cuts plant online so the stylist has the opportunity to hands recreate it. Brainstorm with a longer bob, then if you want some more inches off, cut away. Remember that not every hair behaves similarly when in a short haircut. That’s why information technology is important to identify your textures, every bit well equally your confront shape.

Centre Shaped Face

Bob Haircuts for Middle Shaped Face

Hairstyles to avoid: Contrivance cuts that elongate the caput. Which basically means, remain wary of certain bobs ending almost the jaw. That’ll but enhance a shorter forehead.

Flattering hairstyles:
Heart shaped faces accept broad cheekbones and forehead, and pointed mentum (think Gwyneth Paltrow or Kendall Jenner). To residuum unique edges and avoid attention to a pinched jawline, consider obtaining a lob (shoulder skimming cut) which is a perfect haircut for eye-faced women. Swooping bangs and layers assistance to alleviate the look.

A chunky layered bob is an boosted option for these face shapes. It hits a bit below the chin and includes many layers. This haircut is favorable for women of all ages — whether young or one-time. Coloring the ends with lighter shades helps create actress texture.

How to manner it:
Opt for beachy waves to achieve that effortless boho appeal, and add sideswept bangs which will ellude the ultimate absurd-girl persona. View this tutorial for added details.

Pear Shaped Confront

Pear Face Shape

Bob Haircuts for Pear Shaped Face

Hairstyles to avoid: Extreme ponytails or sleek buns equally they aren’t as flattering.

Flattering hairstyles:When considering pear-shaped face up women, jaw-lines are broader than hairlines. Although information technology’s a lovely construction, it’s difficult to flatter. Call up of Sophie Ellis-Bextor or Kelly Osbourne for instance. A traditional bob balances while visually reducing lines.

An extra short bob cutting (think higher up your ears!) also helps to balance angles. Adding swept bangs with shorter layers works wonders. Hair appears exceptional when silky or smooth.

How to manner it:
Curls are an easy and fun disguise for broader jaws, whether tightly curled or beach-ready. Curling a bob can be accomplished in dissimilar ways! You can cull no-estrus curls, finger waves 0r messy embankment waves, either fashion, your hairstyle will look chic and fashionable. Here’southward an extremely helpful tutorial on styling your bob.

Ellipsoidal Face up

Oblong Face Shape

Bob Haircuts for Ellipsoidal Face up

Hairstyles to Avoid:
Stay articulate of long hair as information technology makes your confront longer.

Flattering hairstyles: If you have a more oblong facial structure, information technology’s longer than it is wide and has a masculine lower one-half. Giselle Bundchen, Linda Fargo and Hilary Swank autumn into this category. Chin length bob looks fantastic on those with longer faces because it creates a width illusion.

If unsure about a chin length bob, opt for the blunt bob with fringe. It help to hide foreheads, creating a shorter face facade.

How to mode it: Since this haircut is then versatile, you lot can wear your bob differently every solar day. View this tutorial on how to style your curt hair in unlike ways.

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Square Face

Square Face Shape

Bob Haircuts for Square Confront

Hairstyles to Avoid:
Edgeless, boxy cuts cause a square frame to announced too masculine. Avoid them completely.

Flattering hairstyles: A main concern with square faces is adding softness. An asymmetrical cut featuring longer pieces at the forepart which gradually becomes shorter at the back elongates a square face. A side-part is perfect for getting that softer advent while adding lots of movement to soften the angles. Emma Roberts and Keira Knightley, achieve this.

Another corking thought is the long angled bob. The cut skims at the shoulders and looks fabulous with a sleek middle part (yeah, eye parts are nevertheless cool).

How to style it: This haircut will flatter if you make it actually smooth and shiny. So opt for a directly blow out, and don’t forget to utilise a hairspray that includes a serum to uphold its smoothness over hours.

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Round Face

Round Face Shape

Bob Haircuts for Round Face

Hairstyles to Avert: Cuts that end right above your mentum or at your chin. That mistake can cause spherical faces look even more than rounded.

Flattering hairstyles: Slightly longer bob with added volume is the best option for round faces. It helps to hide the width of the face while slimming. Leave full bangs and eye parts alone, as they give fullness to an already full face up.

A-line bobs also piece of work very well for round face shape. Emma Stone, Lily Collins, and Selena Gomez impale the cut. It looks fantastic, always.

How to style it: You tin style a slightly longer bob by polishing your pilus with a straightener, or loosely twisting it with a curling wand. View this tutorial on how to get a wavy bob.

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Oval Face

Oval Face Shape

Bob Haircuts for Oval Face

Hairstyles to Avoid: Since this shape is well-balanced, avoid styles that bring too much hair onto the confront, like thick fringed bangs.

Flattering hairstyles: Luckily, an oval face is perfect for many different hairstyles. The best determination is a grown-out pixie with added waves which balances an oval confront from mentum to brow. Information technology helps to hide the width of the face while slimming.

A stacked inverted bob will also work perfectly for this shape. Stars like Beyonce, Emma Watson, and Ashlee Simpson have rocked this bob.

How to style it: Certain, you lot can pull off any hairstyle you want, but the most flattering is the voluninous accident out which makes an oval confront look slightly more rounded.

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Useful Styling Products

Styling a bob correctly requires carefully picked products. It takes time to larn the ins and outs of styling shorter haircuts only luckily you have us to provide you with the correct products. If you’re now certain of the new cut, and then y’all’ll want to employ:

  • Styling cream:
    Whether your brusque hair is thin or super thick, it helps agree your hairs shape. Simply use a dime sized amount on the ends while your hair is still moisture. Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream and Ane N Only Argan Oil Styling Cream works wonders.
  • Beachy Spray: For that effortless-messy appeal, embankment spray helps for added texture and volume. Moroccan Sea Table salt Spray by OGX is perfect for this. Information technology’due south besides affordable. Sexy Healthy Hair Soy Renewal Embankment Spray is perfect for everyday use.
  • Dry out Shampoo:
    Make clean hair is not always easiest when containing a style. To achieve a put-together-messy-look, try dry out shampoo in between washes. Batiste Dry Shampoo and Sauve Professionals Dry Shampoo are highly rated products.
  • Cream Wax: Scrunch this through to give hair a piecey texture without making information technology spiky. This gives you definition while fugitive stickiness. Some products to attempt are Kiehl’south Creative Cream Wax and Aveda Brilliant Humectant Pomade.

Once yous’ve adamant the best cut for your face up shape, brand an engagement with your hairstylist who specializes in brusk haircuts. Show up to a salon with a plethora of photos of a desired cutting to assist give your stylist a amend grip on what you’re envisioning. Bobs are trendy yet classic and elementary to maintain. It takes the hassle out of getting ready while providing a foolproof put together foundation. Whether you like your hairstyle edgy, or chic, the bob haircut is perfect choice for you.

Find the Perfect Bob Cut for Your Face Shape


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