10 Best Hair Volume Powders to Lift Flat and Lifeless Hair at the Roots

We all know that feeling…when the hair you spent ages styling and looked so great on Mean solar day 1, suddenly goes flat and lifeless. Or, when your naturally styled hair ends up with more than volume through the lengths and ends than the roots, that is not a good look, either. Well, one kind of product, hair book powders, promises to do just that. But, what are they, how do you utilize them, and which ones are better? Read on to find out.

What Is a Hair Volume Pulverisation?

With a fine powdery texture, hair-book powders work in a similar fashion to dry shampoo, absorbing oil and increasing book, but without whatever of the potential crispiness or stickiness of a normal spray dry shampoo.

More often than not created using rice or corn starch, silica, or even dirt (mainly thickeners that blot moisture and oil from pilus), hair-volume powders often also contain other ingredients for adding shine or scent and to make pilus wait super fresh and healthy. So, which ones are the all-time?

#1: Hairstory Pilus Book Powder

An all-natural iii-in-ane product, Hairstory’southward Hair Powder promises to add texture, volume, and grease-busting activeness all in i go.

Using microfine mineral and vegetable granules to ensure thicker hair without any visible residue, this powder also smells great (useful for postal service-launder pilus or day 3 hair). And, to anyone worrying that volumizing pulverisation might exist bad for hair, the all-natural ingredients here are handily listed in full (even the ones in concentrations so low they do not legally need to be listed)on the label, alongside their safe rating, making it super unproblematic to know what you are putting on your hair.

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As an added bonus, and unlike most powders, this one comes with a handy pump spray, making the application on the go a breeze. But lift hair up, distribute it near the scalp, and massage in.

#two: Schwarzkopf Got2b Volumaniac Spray Powder

Some other spray powder formula, Schwarzkopf’south affordable product promises instant volume and gentle control with just a few spritzes. Formulated without parabens or sulfates, this spray comes in a bag-friendly 28 oz can and has rave reviews on Amazon for its abilities to pump upwards the volume without balance.

Got2b Volumaniac Spray Powder

#:3 Beyond the Zone Volumizing Pulverisation

Some other Amazon favorite, this pulverisation comes in a shaker-way container and is sprinkled onto the palms of hands earlier being distributed through roots for instant book, texture and separation. To re-volumize hair throughout the day, simply re-tousle pilus.

Beyond The Zone Volumizing Powder

#4: Biosilk Volumizing Therapy Texturizing Pulverization

For those who want their hair-volume pulverisation with a couple of added benefits, Biosilk’s Volumizing Therapy Texturizing Powder may be the one for you.

Containing silk and rice proteins to absorb oil and increment volume, this shaker-style powder too has UV protection to protect hair from color fading and other damage. Its 0.5 oz can is also perfect for touching up hair on the get.

Biosilk Volumizing Therapy

#5: OSIS+ Dust It Mattifying Powder

With thousands of positive reviews on Amazon, the OSIS+ Dust It Mattifying Pulverisation promises a matte effect to counteract greasy roots, as well every bit separation, texture, control and 24-60 minutes volume.

Merely apply direct to roots and massage through for instant volume and texture.

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OSIS  Dust IT Mattifying Powder

#6: Design.ME Puff.ME Light Volumizing Cloud Mist

In a handy spray format, this cruelty free hair powder promises instant book; it’s perfect for thin or oily hair types, as well as for calculation lift to already styled pilus.

Paraben-free, cruelty free and talc-free, this lightweight spray is designed to not counterbalance down the finest pilus types. Simply apply to dry pilus, spraying two to four inches away from roots, before styling.

Design.ME Puff.ME olumizing Cloud Mist

#7: Stone Your Pilus Bombshell Big Hair Pulverization

A unique formula, Rock Your Hair’due south Bombshell Large Hair Pulverization turns from a pulverization to a liquid to a gel to add instant book without rest just has added shine.

Created past celebrity hairdresser Michael O’Rourke, this powder is as well sulfate- and paraben-gratis, vegan, and cruelty complimentary.

Rock Your Hair Bombshell Powder

#viii: Slick Gorilla Hair Styling Texturizing Pulverization

Offering a natural wait with a matte finish and increased volume, Slick Gorilla’s Hair Styling Texturizing Powder is a product with men’s hair firmly in mind (but can easily exist used on all pilus types, genders and styles).

Employ by applying to the palms of hands or directly to the roots of pilus before distributing evenly and styling as normal.

Slick Gorilla Powder

#9: Goldwell StyleSign Ultra Volume Dust Upwardly Pulverisation

With a citrus odour to cover upwardly whatever mail service-gym hair odors, Goldwell’southward StyleSign Ultra Volume Grit Up Powder promises long-lasting volume, as well equally hold.

As an added bonus, this color-safety product also boasts heat protection upwards to 392°F, as well equally UV filters and a sulfate-gratuitous, cruelty free and vegan-friendly formula.

Goldwell StyleSign Powder

#10: Boldify Hair Volumizer Powder

Created with coconut oil and aloe vera for soft, good for you hair with added volume, Boldify’south Hair Volumizer Pulverisation has hundreds of Amazon 5-star reviews praising its lifting abilities.


Promising its texture, book, and grease-chirapsia backdrop without any residue, this pulverisation features a nozzle spray role, making it easy to target the areas on which you want to concentrate.

Even better, the formula contains only certified child- and pet-safe ingredients for safety, as well as a shiny, natural end.

Boldify Hair Volumizer Powder

Is a Hair Book Pulverisation for You lot?

Well, if you find yourself ofttimes turning to your dry shampoo to not only mop upwardly oily roots only to add volume, besides, then a hair-book powder could be the answer due to their abilities to seriously elevator hair without whatsoever of the residue or crispiness of dry out shampoos tin sometimes offer.

And, although there are enough of different products on offer, they all have i thing in mutual — their easy-to-apply formulas all offer book in a hurry. This is accomplished but by distributing through roots before massaging in and styling as normal, making them a great styling improver for texturizing and volumizing hair throughout the day.

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10 Best Hair Volume Powders to Lift Flat and Lifeless Hair at the Roots

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