9 Bloggers’ Favorite Hair Products

We asked 9 beauty and fashion influencers to review simply ONE hair production they literally can’t live without. “Sounds like an article I would honey reading myself and can’t wait to see what the other responses are!”, said Jenny Welbourn, our first heroine.

#1: Jenny Welbourn – Amika Brooklyn Blowout Spray

“I employ the Amika Brooklyn Blowout Spray religiously! It’s vegan and cruelty-free. I was never a huge pilus production girl, usually just using a heat protectant because of years of dabbling effectually with awful products that made my pilus viscid, potent, and never really did what they said! When I tried this spray out I was immediately sold, and actually keep it stocked on my shelves so I never run out (I’ve probably re-purchased at to the lowest degree viii times). So here is why I honey it: it gives my pilus the perfect book without feeling like I have in any product at all. I similar to keep things simple and this single product does and then much for me. I noticed a consummate deviation the first fourth dimension I used it and started getting then many compliments on my hair afterwards. It also gives a prissy concur when styling hair and also helps strengthen and repair! Overall, information technology only makes my pilus feel pretty and thick which I love.”

#2: Amy Witham – INECTO Naturals Kokosnoot Hair Oil

INECTO Naturals Coconut Hair Oil

“My favorite hair product is INECTO Naturals Kokosnoot Hair Oil. I always apply a pea-sized amount to moisture or towel-stale hair before blow-drying to get rid of frizziness. Coconut oil makes my hair super soft and shiny. And it’s much easier to use, when in a course of spray. Also, I use INECTO’southward coconut oil before I create in depth braids or hairstyles, as it makes my hair more manageable. Needless to say, it smells amazing and I recommend giving this brand a try, especially if your hair is dry and frizzy.”

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#3: Olivia Smalley – Joico Body Shake

Joico Body Shake

“One product I tin can’t get enough of is Joico’s Body Shake! Information technology is a buildable texture spray that never gets viscid or dries out your hair. When you spray it onto dry hair, it gives instant fullness without whatsoever type of lingering residue. My hair is naturally very fine, soo dear the Trunk Milk shake spray because it makes my hair feel and announced incredibly full and voluminous with minimal endeavour. I besides love to add this to hair to create messy, textured braids! Perfect for that boho, natural look that I love!”

#4: Mia Mancuso – Quartz Comb

Quartz Comb

“The clear quartz crystal comb by Crown Works (here’s more than affordable alternative). I found this comb at the commencement of my grayness hair transition. Yes, information technology is a bit luxurious and I love it. Clear quartz is all about healing and each night I’ve created a ritual of taking my hair down, rubbing clear oil in it and gently combing out any negative energy that I may have picked upward during the day. I am so grateful to at present requite love to my sweet strands instead of covering their vibrancy with dulling, nighttime hair color.”

#five: Megan Loda – Fanola No Yellowish Shampoo

Fanola No Yellow Shampoo

“All blondes struggle with unwanted xanthous tones. This is why my favorite pilus production is Fanola imperial shampoo. Information technology helps me maintain the perfect color and add together some cute silver shine to it. I recommend moisturising ends after using whatever imperial shampoo, because all of them are a chip drying. All in all, no and so drying as frequent color appointments. Fanola helps me prolong time between salon visits! If yous don’t like royal shampoos, Fanola as well makes great purple masks with the same effect.”


#6: Stephanie Arant – Ouai Wave Spray

Ouai Wave Spray

“I’ve been using Ouai’s Wave Spray for about 1-2 years now and it’s my become-to product. I love to try new and upcoming products out there but I haven’t strayed away from this one as it’s become a constant repurchase. I have shorter hair that I pretty much style daily past doing soft waves with my apartment iron so instead of utilizing hairsprays that tin weigh my pilus down or just make information technology too sticky I started using Ouai’southward Wave Spray. I beloved that it adds some texture to my hair and throughout the twenty-four hours it almost works on my side with whatever weather throws at it to keep it boisterous and wavy. I as well have naturally wavy hair so throwing this in when my hair is air drying too helps give that fresh off the beach look and feel. I run out of it constantly since I utilize it pretty much everyday and I accept at least 2 travel size bottles on hand for any traveling I am doing!”

#7: Sofina Bassett – Pantene Volume Trunk Boosting Mousse

Pantene Volume Body Boosting Mousse

“A hair product that I’ve been using for near a decade and will forever repurchase is the Pantene Volume Body Boosting Mousse. I have side swept bangs, and this product makes it super easy to way and near importantly, agree its shape. I struggled with my bangs when I first got them, because they were besides sleek and would just autumn apartment. While that’southward the texture I want for the residual of my long hair, I realized I want my bangs to stay put and not be equally silky in texture. This mousse doesn’t make my bangs coarse or difficult in texture, and still manages to keep them in shape. I can even run my fingers through them! Afterwards I shower, I apply a pump of product to my bangs when they’re about 50% moisture and afterward accident dry. On days when my bangs aren’t doing what I want and I’m in a rush, I’ll sometimes wet them a little, apply the mousse, and accident dry. Love this product for side swept bangs!”

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#viii: Michelle Wong – Tangle Teezer

Tangle Teezer

“It’s a brush that gently untangles your hair while minimising damage. Since I bleached my hair, it’s been actually prone to split ends and breakage. I’d tried quite a few dissimilar brushes, but none have been quite as constructive as the Tangle Teezer. Information technology’s meant that it’s much faster to style my hair in the mornings, and my pilus looks a lot smoother and sleeker. In that location are a few unlike versions available, but my favourite is the Wet Detangler.”

#9: Stella Cini – Joico Defy Damage Protective Shield

Joico Defy Damage Protective Shield

“The protective go out-in serum from JOICO is my holy grail of healthy pilus. I got this product as a gift, but I desire to keep using it until it exists on the market place, because it works for me. It can be very versatile, since y’all apply it both on wet and dry hair. I employ information technology against the hairdryer and apartment fe, because I way my hair with estrus so much. JOICO’s serum instantly makes my locks look and feel healthier. Use this in combination with the Defy Damage Shampoo & Conditioner and your hair is set for some ultimate TLC.”

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9 Bloggers’ Favorite Hair Products

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