Blue Hair Anime Girl Music Video


I saw the weirdest video at schoolhouse before today. One of my higher professors came in today and said we were going to watch a video. She warned us there would be some disturbing imagery, like farthermost violence and nudity. Wow, really? Well, let’s go then!

The warning did not fully prepare me for the experience that is Me! Me! Me!

I repent for the video quality I inserted into hither. It was the best affair I could find on YouTube. Yous can watch the original (and amend quality) video over at Or you lot tin just click here.


Those videos may accept been removed for copyright reasons. Fifty-fifty the Animator Expo video has been changed. And then, hither’s a new link! It’s on Vimeo but tin can be taken downwardly at someday. If it does, I apologize in accelerate.

Anyway, after watching the video, we were told, without discussing the video with anyone else in the class, to write our feelings almost Me! Me! Me! too as what we thought the video’s meaning was, if whatsoever at all. We had the entire course time to exercise it but we had to hand in our work by the end of the grade. While I can’t remember exactly what I wrote down that solar day, I tin can generally give you my thoughts on this video.

I thought Me! Me! Me! was just going to be i humungous fanservice video. It’s difficult non to think that when it substantially starts with a big busted blue haired bombshell bouncing her boobs in your confront! And and then, for some strange reason, her apparel fades away. Just even then, she keeps on dancing while in her underwear!

Is her clothes air soluble?

I did start to feel uncomfortable when the video went all dark and started showing a train of swinging butts. To make matters worse, correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the girl had something dangling just outside her vagina? And then her face turns all all of a sudden sprouts four eyes? When I saw this function of the video, I thought to myself “What the hell am I watching?”

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Well, I was wrong. It was about to get grosser. Is grosser a word? I recollect it should exist.

Anyway, the guy and so wakes up after he gets crushed in between the girl’s gigantic breasts (I’k not kidding here!) but the dream/nightmare doesn’t end! A pinkish haired demon girl jumps out of his estimator screen breasts offset (Not kidding here, either!) and pukes into his mouth! Oh, and his Evangelion characters come to life.

Creepy cameo time!

But a strange thing happened by this time… I wasn’t grossed out anymore. In fact, I was fully into Me! Me! Me! and I was enjoying myself! I really wanted to find out what happened side by side! And the video definitely disappoint!

The video then jumps from genre to genre. You get a mellowdrama and horror segment (combined!) earlier it jumps to a first person shooter video game (!) where the guy dons a mecha suit and starts mowing down the blue haired girls who are trying to kill him! He and then tries to save the pink haired daughter from falling but fails. Then the guy gets attacked by a horde of blue haired girls armed with boob guns (and so many boobs). His head gets diddled off and reveals he’due south a robot and and so he wakes up, like from the very start of the video.

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If it sounds like I’1000 telling the story wrong, I’1000 not. That’s what happens in Me! Me! Me! It’due south a totally trippy story and, by the finish, I have to say I actually liked it! I recall they intentionally made it look really cheesy at the first of the video to lull yous into a false sense of security when they starting time showing you lot the really disgusting (and best) parts of the video. It played to my emotions a lot. I was weirded out by the nudity and sexual images. I was grossed out by puking into the mouth. I was engrossed by the first person fighting segment. And the catastrophe sequence is unbelievably beautiful! Then aid me, I even loved the weird cheesy dancing!

I don’t have plenty “bounciness” to dance similar this.

The animation is cute. When the video transitioned over to the darker portions, everything moved incredibly fluid! And they did a fantastic job of matching the animation and lighting to the tone of the music. I found out afterward then animators that worked on this also worked on the new Evengelion movies, which is probably why the video is really night.

The music does an outstanding task of setting the mood for the visuals, past the way. Information technology’southward as well an excellent mix of J-Popular, electronica and EDM/Dubstep. But I think I enjoy the song more simply because of the “music video” short. I wouldn’t give it a second listen on its own just, since whenever I hear the song, I’ll e’er associate it with that Animator Expo short. It’southward a practiced song but aught I’ll be bustling out loud in the future.

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But is Me! Me! Me! trying to say anything? Well, I remember it really has two meanings. Permit me tell yous what I gave on the paper I submitted

I call back the video is all about a guy broke up with his pink haired girlfriend. He so has an epiphany and realizes he wants to get back with her only his addiction with anime culture and/or pornography (represented by the blue haired female) seems to have a stranglehold on his life and his old girlfriend doesn’t similar his unhealthy obsession with the hobby(s). That’due south why he sees the pink haired daughter as both someone he wants to “save” as well as “destroy”. He does desire to “save” her as the guy does want to get back together with her just he likewise thinks of her as a “demon” and something that gets in the fashion of his current mode of life.

That’s why I wrote downwardly anyway. Only I also think Me! Me! Me! is besides of a celebration of anime tropes and conventions. Information technology showcases a ton of actually sweetness visuals merely, actually, haven’t we seen all of this earlier? Haven’t we seen the same naked boobs and over the top activeness in other animes since time immemorial? Information technology’s a showcase of how fantastic anime tin be but at the same fourth dimension attacking it for not trying out different things.

Just I don’t think I can say definitely what Me! Me! Me! is all nigh or if it’s supposed to same some deeper meaning in the outset place. Only the director, the aforementioned guy who helmed the equally trippy Evangelion series, can tell yous that!

I’thou still unsure how to interpret the ending to Evangelion.

Me! Me! Me! is definitely not for everyone. It’due south also easy to meet that some people stopping the video one time they see all the naked animated tits and ass. They’ll simply run across information technology every bit plain smut. It’s a shame really, There’s a actually good story embedded hither and it’ll be fun discussing our thoughts on what it all means…

..which is what we did the next day in class. Anybody had their own take on the story and what information technology meant. Even my professor said that her interpretation may not exist the right one. That’due south the thing almost fine art; it means something to anybody in their own special way.


Accept you seen Me! Me! Me! nevertheless? What’s your interpretation of it? Allow me know in the comments section below!