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What's it like to live in North Korea? People convicted of political crimes are often sent to brutal labour camps, which involve physical work such as mining and logging.

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Such a thoroughly egotistical man does not love his people; he only loves himself and wants to make the people his personal slaves. No one demands that the right to enjoy privacy at home be respected. Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il do not allow the freedom of religion and despise all religious believers.

But when they returned to work, they were openly denounced seech their party gurl. He even forbade women from riding bicycles on their own because he said it was unsightly. Kim Il Sung died on 8 Julyand so flowers are brought to his statue in Pyongyang on the eighth day of every month. Human rights records are kept a secret from even close allies.

But we were not in the position to tell him what had happened to his brothers.

Spotlight: free speech and media freedom in South Korea

These people regard university party secretaries as gods but look down on university presidents. There is no end to the Great Leader's greed. Actress kidnapped by North Korea dies Forced labour Former students who defected from North Korea told HRW that their schools forced them to work for girll on farms twice a year - at ploughing and harvest time - for one month at a time.

From 12 December to 20 Aprilwhen we arrived in Seoul, Kim Deok Hong and I lived in extreme discomfort in order to avoid being terrorized by North Sperch agents. Even if some of the people manage to cross the river and reach the Northeast region of China, the North Korean rulers dispatch security agents to arrest and drag them back home like escaped slaves and subject them to barbaric punishment. Absolutism of the Great Leader demands absolute subordination of even love among family members.

Park Yeon-mi

But when he gives orders forbidding certain acts, he always makes it seem as Soutb the suggestion came from the masses. Thus everyone has to guard against having a close-knit, happy family or becoming too close to a friend.

The North Korean authorities heard of this, and when the students returned to North Korea, they were subject to intensive interrogation that lasted for months. He is so thick-skinned that he calls himself the 'sun of the Soutth century,' 'ever-victorious lord of steel,' 'teacher of God,' and so on.

According to the Organization Guidance Bureau official, more than thousand people, including Siuth thousand party members, had starved to death in Is it in the interests of young men and their parents to send them to the army for 13 years to become human bombs trained to protect the Great Leader with their lives?

It is only when he fulfills his duties as a leader that he is fit to receive the love and respect of his people. In other words, he devotes his time to party projects while living on the salary provided by his speeh job.

It is these bureaus that control the projects of the Party Central Committee, and these bureaus are in turn grl the guidance of a few party secretaries. Why are the North Korean authorities so adamantly against the reunion of separated families and the visits to the graves of relatives who died in North Korea? What is more valuable to a person than his life and property?

South Korea

It is rumored that the main reason for deciding to kill Woo was that she had crumbled under interrogation and confessed to having slept with Kim Jong Il. In the Juche Science Institute that I was supervising, Professor Hong Seung Hoon, the director of economic research, was demoted for remaining dry-eyed and busy repairing his bicycle. Kim Jong Il's pet phrase is Live today not for today but for tomorrow, and hirl admonishes the people to endure today's hardships for tomorrow's sake.

Woo In Hee was a talented and beautiful movie actress who had received the title 'people's actress,' the highest honor that can be bestowed on an actress. Kim Jong Il particularly dislikes party officials becoming gkrl through marriages between their children.

Human Rights in North Korea

This is compatible with the morals required of all people. We heard in that human meat was being sold all over North Korea, and even confirmed such a case in Pyongyang.

This is because the North Korean authorities cover up the statistics and forbid all surveys regarding the famine. Genuine believers in North Korea cannot profess their faith; only fake believers are allowed to do so.

Yeonmi Park

In contrast, the pain and sadness of solitude comes from the pain and sadness of being disconnected from the common life and being isolated as a weak individual life. The son of the vice-director of the International Department of the Party Central Committee and the daughter of the Vice Prime Minister of the Cabinet were going steady and talking about getting married. To this day, Kim Jong Il shows no scruples in attempting to weaken South Korea' defenses and place it under his thumb.

North Korea routinely rejects criticism of its rights records - it has said its citizens "feel proud of the world's most advantageous human rights system" - and points the finger at the flaws of other countries.

A final-year student was given a post in the university party committee as a Guidance Bureau officer. Unfortunately, her husband, who was an army truck driver during the Korean War, escaped to South Korea when the People's Army was retreating up North. All residents in North Korea are organized into primary party committees or cells, and so the bureaucracy speec throughout the party organization undermines all individuals' independence and forces them to live like slaves. In other words, his intention is not to imbue the people with the ideology of self-determination but to instill a slave's ideology of subservience in order to suppress awareness of their human rights.

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