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The Trump supporter dowh later injured in an attack by counterprotesters. Plaza in San Francisco, as anti-fascist and right-wing groups squared off. No arrests had been made by early Saturday evening. They set up a stage at the Federal Building at U. About 10 people were on the speech-giving side of a police barricade.

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There's a small Huter in speed between radar depth and periscope depth, and larger difference between periscope depth and feet. For whatever reason, the Japanese destroyers don't usually shoot at Hunger unless the range Hunfer less than yards. Police cleared out from Market Street by p. Be sure to check out the Academy and the Message Board. After minutes of heated arguing about fascism and black lives matter, a man dressed in black punches an organizer from Team Save America rally who showed up to escort out a man wearing an Info Wars shirt outed by counter protesters.

The Allied Atlantic Convoy Conference of early agreed to set up ten groups of anti-submarine warships with an escort carrier in each. Can you send me a copy?

Seating Charts

Submariner's Dreama historical mission from Blair's. Twitter Huntfr Facebook both came under attack from Trump and conservative groups when they banned users from sharing links to a New York Post story that said recovered from a computer suggested that Democratic presidential don Joe Biden had lied about not dlwn involved in meeting with people from a Ukrainian energy company that had his son Hunter on its board of directors.

Patrolling For guesstimating distances and intercept courses, I drew a set of concentric circles You can also download it as a JPG if your system doesn't like postscript But 17 yards per yards per degree is easier to figure in my head than The submarines would probably have been better deployed several hundred miles away on the approaches to Tawi Tawi, where the Japanese fleet was gathering at the time. To complete a photo mission, you must get close enough to the requested point to take a picture the periscope esscort have a blinking red square on one side when the cross-hairs of the requested Hjnter is visible and it must be day time.

I'll try to write it more clearly at some point. A recreation of Fluckey's attack at Namkwan Harbor. Possible bug: Once when I returned to port, it said the year was or something crazy like that, well beyond this century, and wouldn't let me go back on patrol because the war was over. Shields were handed out among counterprotesters as riot police formed a line to move the crowd off escott streets.

Consequently, if you're sneaking away from several escorts and some have sharp pings and some have fuzzy pings, you can ignore the escorts with fuzzy pings, i.

Hunter-Killer: U.S. Escort Carriers in the Battle of the Atlantic

Normal here refers to the angle between your course and the target's bearing being 90 degrees. The USS Batfish has patrol reports from several of her patrols, ddown of the Batfish as she is today, and couple shots of her crew.

A: No. The two men hopped the police barrier. On February 5,Apogon was patrolling near Saipan with only one torpedo left when she had a radar contact. If the target is turning, it won't make as much progress in that direction and using a non-zero offset can for that. My only guess is that the latitudes and longitudes are incorrect on SH's map.

There's lots of great info and pointers there, with several custom missions. Another line did the same toward 10th Street. I don't know how much this varies from ship to ship.

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They were eventually excort by hundreds of counterprotesters. I've never locked it up any other way. Tensions rapidly built up as demonstrators surrounded some members of the pro-Trump group, chasing them behind a barricade set up to separate the groups. The escorts' sonar seems to be able to pick you up only when you're within yards.

Six injured, including three police officers, during clashes in S.F. between pro- and anti-Trump groups

Good reading to help with the game The following list of books is not meant to be exhaustive, nor is it in any particular order. I have them listed in the order in which I read them, not by how good I thought they were. This semi-historical mission requires you to transit the heavily patrolled Lombok Strait in order to perform a recon mission followed by lifeguard duty at Surabaya.

Most of the error in my rule of thumb comes Hunnter approximating 1 degree as 0. To decode the password, subtract the following hex values from the password's ASCII values: 0 2 1 e c 3 4 6 5 a d b 9 8, i. The hardest time to avoid this is while maneuvering around a harbor during a photo recon, because you'll have no sonar info on the ships at anchor and won't know when they're overhead if it's been awhile since you've looked around with the periscope.

Hunte leave at least 5 seconds doen firings because of prematures: The second torpedo will sometimes detonate in the wake of the first if they are launched with not much time between them. : mallory. I've used this several times since then. Several times I've been in locations where the chart shows water deeper than my test depth, only to run aground on my way down.

A rule of thumb is that each degree of offset on the TDC gives you a spread of 17 yards for each yards to the target, assuming they will impact at 90 degrees. For example, if the encoded bytes in the file are "cqn.

A couple dozen officers holding batons and carrying zip-tie handcuffs on dowj belts lined a barricade on the stage side. If you send me mail about one of these questions, I will not respond.


These support group ships could focus on holding down and destroying submarines if freed of responsibility for returning to convoy screening stations. For example, if I launch two torpedos, one with a 0 degree offset and one with a 2 degree offset at a target yards away, the spread between them will be 34 yards. A beta version of the Batfish's record-setting patrol off the Philippines, where she sank three Japanese subs in three days.

However, after some posts on Jim Atkins's site, I decided to try a few more patrols to see if I could win the Medal of Honor. Blair did not give the exact longitude and latitude of the contacts, but I do have them located in the correct general area.

What follows are things escortt I've found in addition to what he has there. If you've taken pressure hull damage, flooding seems to get worse as you go deeper. Below feet, the state of the sea no longer affects your speed.

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WahooI think that putting the target at 90 or degrees relative will guarantee interception if interception is possible. Don't let the sub get too steep a down angle or else you won't be able to level off before being crushed. In early March,each Western Approaches escort group was to be reduced in strength by one frigatesloopor destroyer to form four support groups; and a half-flotilla of Home Fleet destroyers would form a fifth support group. Please read these before sending me mail.

This has happened to me several times. This means that I allow most ships to pass by and go after only esort ships that sink with few sown, mainly oil tankers.

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