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He doesn't seem swayed by the notion that I can build something similar. I thought I would at least see if I could figure out who built this engine and if he has a good reputation. I only looked at it briefly.

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Comments such as interested, location, or comments about the condition or price of an item are considered as showing interest in buying.

It's also a Buyer Discretion. Specify if sale post is first come first serve, local pick up only, or willing to meet.

If a seller skips people in a line due to the post becoming an auction or eBay like post or just out of ignorance or spite the sellers post will be removed and member blocked. About Welcome to Tucson Craigslist on Facebook, this group allows you to sellBuy and tradeKeep in mind that I do not allow the following.

Have fun and enjoy. If a member comments a period symbol to follow the post that is not considered a verbal interest in crwiglsit. Jim Brandberg.

Administration is not responsible for any Ticson items that are sold, purchased, or stolen in this group. No negativity, Cyber Bullying, or double standards.

Try to not keep making new post everyday as it clutters the feed. Shop on Marketplace.

Please put a starting price Tucsln all post, If gonna put trades or make offer I still wanna see price followed by Trades or Make offer. We recommend that you check and test your item before buying. Otherwise go down the list of potential buys in order.

We can only delete the comment as we see it or it is brought to our attention. Things that jump out at me are vague description of valve seats, no mention of bolting the flywheel and carburetor way too big.

Neither Tucson Craigslist on Facebook,nor the Admins are responsible fraiglsit any slanderous or bad remarks made through comments to another party through a post. He doesn't seem swayed by the notion that I can build something similar.

You may bump your post 1 time a day. I don't think I will get involved but should at least do some checking.

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I only looked at it briefly. I thought I would at least see if I could figure out who built this engine and if he has a good reputation. Anyone know who this is in Tucson? Making several post a day is unfair to the other membersso craigllsit limit to 1 post of your item.

Nor can we be responsible for people that are posting business service post, It's up to the people to check if they are TTucson or not d not Admins. Anyone can see who's in the group and what they post Visible Anyone can find this group.

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