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The system interfaces to each calculator through their 2. This device allows for convenient communication between localized parties by utilizing readily available and distributed devices.

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We cannot be held responsible if students try to Wirwless on tests using wireless chat between TI calculators. A calculator behaves no differently than if the other end of its communication link cable was attached to another calculator, and not a microcontroller.

The system interfaces to each calculator through their 2. This device allows for convenient communication Wreless localized parties by utilizing readily available and distributed devices. We have been completely honest with regards to all intellectual material we have used from others. However, the wireless link is slower than a direct wire link.

This net rate includes checksums and all other protocol needs, but purely describes char information transfer rate. This microcontroller then replicates the red and white wire states on the link cable attached to its calculator. MIN — For your minute use for the current billing cycle. Our project models the TI calculator low level communication protocol over a fhat communication link as shown in Figure 1.

The process continues for two bytes worth of data 16 handshakes. Every time in the code where a calculator is waiting for a response from its counterpart, a millisecond timer counts down from three seconds.

This takes about 10 seconds. If for some reason a response is never obtained, the project would be caught in an infinite loop waiting for a response from the opposing calculator. Either method would result in higher data transmission rate. A low power version is configurable for short ranged transmission to avoid wasting energy and RF noise. After each two bytes are sent, the receiving calculator responds with a checksum. If there is ever a failed transmission, a breaking of the handshake, or an incorrect checksum, the calculators automatically try to resend the last two byte packet.

The radios have an unobstructed communication distance of about 1 mile. Call: All calls made to this from a T-Mobile handset are free from roaming, airtime, or long distance charges. Next, the transmitting calculator pulls the red wire back high, and waits for the receiving calculator to pull the white wire back high to return to the neutral state of both wires being high as shown in the middle of the figure 8 shaped diagram.

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The software for each microcontroller both receiving and transmitting is identical. We have honestly reported all specifications, limitations, and capabilities of our project in this document to the best of our knowledge and ability.

The wireless transmitter device the microcontroller and radio takes 6 seconds to load after being turned on. All electronic components are covered to reduce burning hazards if a short occurred. If such a failed transmission occurs, the radios reset and the microcontroller attempts to re-establish a stable link. This load time s for writing to the registers, setting up a link to the other microcontroller, and establishing a steady wire state with the adjacent calculator.

This handshake protocol must execute at a minimum rate of about baud or else communication will fail due to the transmitting calculator timing out while waiting for a response from the receiving calculator.

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Then, once the calculators have aborted, the radios and ports of the microcontroller are reset in preparation for another transmission attempt. Plus, it is important to realize that although we send much more data over Witeless wireless link, this data is not sent to each calculator. This greatly increased the simplicity of our project. We do not endorse such behavior.

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Rural Calling Issues Are you experiencing early or false ringing, or problems completing calls to rural recipients? This transceiver broadcasts at frequencies near Mhz. In their normal setting, the radios are not ideal. MSG — For your message use for the current billing cycle. So all the extra information generated to simulate the transmission of a bit is done by the microcontrollers and sent over the radios, and is never processed by the actual calculators.

We did this by having the microcontroller simultaneously listen for a change in wire state initialized by the calculator, as well as if a new packet containing an updated wire states had been received through the UART via the radios. Although this may Wigeless super inefficient, the advantages of this method greatly outweigh the 32x slower speed obtained.

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They transmit and receive on the same default frequencies as everyone else using the radios, creating interference. The project then automatically acts as a serial link between the calculators. During transmission, the calculators transmit data via a handshake discussed in the sections. The two lines go low and high according to a handshake shown in Figure 2 below. In addition, we wrote to some other radio registers in order to bump up the power output of the antenna for maximum transmission distance.

If for some reason a calculator transmission fails i.

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We rejected all bribery from students who wanted to borrow our devices for finals week. The le of the battery are covered and are not exposed. After this initial load time, no other overhead time is required except for a radio reset that may occur if a transmission failed for some reason the other calculator lost power, went out of range, etc.

Since our project is fooling the calculators into thinking there is a regular serial cable between them, our project is as accurate as the TI data transfer is. The watchdog timer is needed if transmission fails due to distance, power failure, or cable disconnection.

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This means that for every bit sent, the transmitting calculator waits for a response from the receiving calculator and vice versa. The microcontroller then notices this change and reports it to the microcontroller via the wireless link and the process repeats Wureless time a calculators changes the status of the al lines. Carrier frequencies of the radios are low enough such that no threat is posed to the human body regardless of position with respect to the radios.

Then, the receiving calculator sends back a checksum of the last two bytes. The second tricky part of our code was writing to the data registers of the radios.

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